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Nursing Students- Making a Big Difference in Healthcare Industry



Nursing students fill the gaps in the hospital where they are doing their internships when the medical staff is limited. In return, they gain the hands-on experience of treating and caring for patients.  They become familiar with how the medical treatments and procedures are carried out in the real world.  You are supposed to perform the duties assigned by your supervisor. You might need to contact a nursing student defense lawyer if he or she has committed any error while performing his or her duties. The case may be filed by the patient or the co-worker depending on the mistake or negligence.

Type of the complaint filed

Before anything else, it is important to understand the nature of the complaint so that the possible charges can be figured out. Your attorney will be able to educate you about the consequences, penalties, or charges. If the nursing student has been charged for malpractice or negligence, the case would be treated as a civil case and the litigation will proceed according to the state’s civil laws.

On the other hand, if the charges are implied because of stealing medications, falsifying medical records, and practicing without a license, the case will proceed according to the criminal laws. The attorney can decide on what the nature of your case is.

Examples of complaints against students

Some of the common complaints filed against nursing students are explained below:

  • Medical malpractice- The patient receives the injury due to the unethical conduct of the medical practitioner such as discharging the patient too soon after performing the surgery.
  • Negligence- One of the common reasons for a patient to file a case is negligence. If the patient was not monitored or the standards were not followed during the medical procedure, the patient or his family can sue the nursing student.
  • Performing medical procedures under the influence of drugs or alcohol- If the nursing student has consumed alcohol or drugs on his or her duty, he will be charged according to the state’s laws.

Preventive measures at the medical institute

The best way to keep the number of complaints against these students low is to take into account the following measures:

  • Proper training on equipment should be given.
  • The nursing student should have a senior on his or her side while treating the patient.

If you feel that you can be sued for any action, you should contact a lawyer without any further delay.

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