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Office 365 Phishing Emails – Why You Need Protection from Them



Business organizations are being dependant on Office 365 enormously, and hackers have been paying heed on this matter. Thus, organizations are being attacked by phishing emails and their existing email security aren’t strong enough to block threats. Hackers target almost every email system but Office 365 is their most preferred one. So, it’s very important to protect your emails from various threats so that the privacy of your company remains safe. If you’re still not enough aware of Office 365 phishing emails, then you are only putting the privacy of your business at risk. Let’s know more about the reasons that you should take protection from phishing emails on Office 365. 


Email is the Starting Point of Cyberattacks
Studies have shown that most of the cyberattacks start with an email. Though phishing emails are one of the most common attacks, employees don’t know about this that well. They might be aware of spam or malware but phishing one could be a new thing to them. A strong phishing email is really hard to spot when you are not familiar with it and you could ruin your company’s security with one click because of your lack of awareness. 


Each Employee means a Target to the Hackers
An Office 365 employee manages all the precious resources of a business. He opens the door to trade secrets, bank accounts, and all other private information. If you manage a large business, it means that hackers get to target a ton of potential users. Mid-sized or small businesses have fewer inboxes but the risk is the same with them as well. Almost 60% of small to mid-sized business (SMBs) experience cyberattacks every year, and most of them are through phishing emails. They have to spend millions of dollars to recover their data and information. However, all they needed was just a layer of Microsoft phishing protection.


Attacks are Sophisticated
Phishing will tempt a user to click on the link and divulge crucial records and information. It’s getting more difficult day by day to detect these emails. In fact, the phishing websites have been built in a way to make them look like a legitimate website as well as the Office 365 login pages. An average user is likely not to be able to differentiate the difference between an original and a phishing one. Email filters aren’t able to detect them because hackers provide a real link to the login page of Office 365 in the email and then divert it to a hacking or phishing site afterward.


Traditional Securities are Backdated
Traditional email security systems are only available to identify known threats. Security solutions like SEG or EOP are only effective to block known Office 365 threats. But sophisticated and targeted attacks are generally unknown threats and traditional filters are not enough to block them. 


Microsoft faces the most Attacks
Microsoft Office 365 has the most active users in the world currently. It lures the hackers to majorly target on this email enterprise. In fact, it is named the top phished brand for four times consecutively. Thus, the users of Microsoft Office 365 are the main victims of sophisticated phishing attacks delivered by hackers. 


This implies that your organization badly needs an added layer of protection when it comes to secure the data from phishing emails and other cyberattacks. Backdated and traditional email solutions are not enough to do the job right now. Hackers have been updating their tools. So, if you want to go with the phase, you also have to update your email security system. Otherwise, you are going to spend millions in order to recover your priceless data over the long haul. 

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