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Omar Hassan Alali Interview About his Social Media Career



Omar Hassan Alali born in Abu Dhabi in 28 July 1992. Omar Hassan Alali is his real name, and he is known as Alfazaa. Alfazaa credits his underground nature with nurturing him. “My family comes from very humble backgrounds.” He says that my parents are gentlemen.

After working on various management jobs, he made the choices of digital media and publishing, and he quickly realized that making videos was the key. Returning to the UAE, he made short videos of life, relationships, work, and career snapshots and tasted the slightest success. Alfazaa then decided to do a series of short videos that will help spread the common messages about love, peace, tolerance, and acceptance – topics that the general public can relate to. He says, “This will be the first time a UAE has done such a thing. ‘I set it up at every TV station but they rejected everybody. Since I had no other choice, I took to Instagram.”

Having a propensity for parody from adolescence, he used to venerate Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. ‘I accept the craft of sharing a significant message through the capacity to make somebody chuckle simultaneously is the most remarkable thing on the planet,’ says the blogger. This employable procedure, unmistakable in the vast majority of his recordings, has helped incredibly in making them viral. “At the point when my companions and I talk about genuine subjects in our recordings, we utilize a solid component of amusingness. It loosens up individuals, gets the message through and goes far.”

His work approach is basic and clear: Alfazaa goes up to individuals, presents himself and solicitations their consent to film them. There are times when individuals don’t remember him by any stretch of the imagination. ‘In any case, that is OK since I am no George Clooney,’ he says, with a chuckle. His family is particularly glad for his work and the effect his recordings are making on society. ‘My mother consistently realized I would wind up accomplishing something like this. My dad rings me each time his companions or associates say something great regarding my recordings. That truly makes me feel great inside. At the point when my sibling was in school, one of his colleagues said ‘you appear as though this person I watch on YouTube’. I am so happy to have had the option to contact those from every single distinctive segment.’

As per Alfazaa, the mystery of his prosperity is discovering themes that all around connect us together, paying little mind to our socio, monetary and social contrasts. “The UAE is the ideal spot for that. On the off chance that you glance around, there are a huge number of individuals from various nations and foundations, all appreciating similar sorts of offices and opportunities. I love making recordings about my nation. An ongoing one about the Abu Dhabi Police Happiness watch was generally welcomed on the grounds that individuals didn’t have the foggiest idea about that such administrations existed.”