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On The Nintendo Switch Shujinkou Is Attempting To Be Released



Being fans of Nintendo, we tend to stumble across Japanese speech and text just about daily. It’s an unbelievably attention-grabbing language and one that may little doubt facilitate us to truly perceive what is going on once enjoying imported copies of our retro favorites, however it with great care happens to be one in every of the hardest languages to be told.

It has a correct story – things are set in an exceeding world wherever the Japanese language is being erased by Demons, with players having to save lots of it – and therefore the gameplay revolves around a Metroidvania-style setting wherever players should react to things on-screen, familiarizing them with the language as they’re going. Thankfully, Shujinkou Is Attempting To Be Released On the Nintendo Switch; Shujinkou hopes to lend an assist. A world wherever the Japanese language is that the universal language has become a world filled with chaos because of the looks of the Hasseiki, mysterious portals that manufacture Demons that are erasing the Japanese language at an alarming rate. Shu, Jin, and Kou come back to satisfy what appears like an inevitable fate and conceive to recover Japanese before the world’s language disappear forever.

Core Platforming

The aim is to contour the gameplay the maximum amount as potential, taking the instincts and fast reactions that gamers have and thoroughly integrating Japanese into Metroidvania vogue gameplay. We’ve highlighted 5 core mechanics that create Shujinkou desire an RPG.


Minigames cover one part of Japanese and contain an in-depth progression system that, once cleared with success, ends up in players learning Japanese and additionally more developing their bonds with the character to blame of the minigame. There are four minigames presently in development; however, we’ve got the styles set for even more! The more funding we get a lot of content we will develop for these minigames!

Radical Hunter:

Learn Radicals with Hina! Pop the balloons that correspond with the presently elect munition. The balloons will be in hiragana, katakana, romaji, English, or an icon betting on the problem, and there is every single-player and multiplayer mode.

  • Number Racer:

Learn Numbers! Hit the green boosters that have the upper numerical values to urge boosts and avoid the red boosters. Play in Time Attack mode or race alternative acquainted faces and use numerous things that have their strengths determined by the worth of the numbers!

Learn Counter Words! Fight in an exceedingly one on one battle of speed and wits wherever the player should press the right counter words that match the icons given by the dealer. Be quicker than your opponent and strike together with your kendama before you get stuck!

Ijigen Wayfarers:

Learn grammar with Kiyo! Explore areas within the game in 3D and fight turn-based battles against acquainted enemies, however, use grammatical elements as skills to defeat them and proceed! Realize new treasurers and solve puzzles inside the 3D world to survive!

Strengthening Bonds whereas Learning Japanese

To immerse players into the world of Shujinkou, players can communicate and strengthen their bonds with lots of aspect characters and demons throughout Shu, Jin, and Kou’s quest to stop the loss of the Japanese language. We’ve highlighted 3 core mechanics that create Shujinkou quite simply another RPG.

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