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Online Team Building Ideas: Building Remote Teams



Of course, team games and activities require a bit more teamwork, cooperation, and dedication than any other team building activity. However, once employees become more open and honest with each other and feel more at ease, they will be more likely to participate in games and exercises, and continue to do their best to develop working relationships and friendships!

While these team building ideas focused on having fun and relaxing by playing games – you can effectively lead a virtual team building with these ideas to establish deep bonds with your team and really strengthening your camaraderie.

1. Virtual team meetings

Team meetings are important for any company – whether they are held in the office or online.

Even though group meetings are often focused around work, it is important that virtual workgroups treat them as a team building tool to build team cohesion, empathy and commitment.


Because employees who work remotely cannot take part in group breaks between team building activities, such as a coffee break or a shared lunch.

To complete this exercise, consistently hold a virtual meeting at the end of each week or each month and ask three questions to each team member:

  • What is your main weekly success?
  • What can be improved at work?
  • What event has made the greatest impression on you lately?

2. Office is always online

Keep in mind that remote employees may experience difficulties in the process of work and face a decrease in motivation to work.


It’s simple – it’s harder for them to feel that they are actually part of the office and the team – which affects their concentration.

An online office gives remote employees the feeling of a shared workspace without being physically present.

3. Lead social networks!

One of the disadvantages of remote teams is that remote employees cannot attend all company events.

This can make remote workers feel like they’re out of the team, and it can also make it difficult to understand how different departments work and contribute to the company.

How can you fix it?

Maintain the social networks of the company, then all employees will be able to receive up-to-date information about what is happening in the company. And what is most important – not only employees, but also investors and potential customers!

4. Movie night

This is a unique team building event that is great for boosting team morale.

When you gather your employees for non-work related purposes, your team has the opportunity to relax and open up to you more.

Spending movie nights is an unusual way to have fun outside of a virtual office – it requires some teamwork already done (not everyone is ready to spend a lot of time communicating with colleagues, because they don’t know much).

You may also be wondering:

“How can we do something like this if our team lives in different cities?”

The solution would be to stream the movie in a video conference room while keeping the instant messaging chat window open so the team can comment and exchange views while watching the movie.

5. Coffee break (online)

This strategy appears to be successful in motivating employees by showing them that you appreciate their hard work.

Remote employees rarely get the opportunity to take advantage of office perks for lunch, coffee, company team building activities or a team meeting hosted by the company.

How does a coffee session change that?

For each employee, you send a small gift card to a cafe in their area or to their favorite coffee shop, or even simpler – money.

Employees are then encouraged to leave their home office and work remotely in a new co-working space or quiet coffee shop during the day. Each employee takes a photo of their work in the cafe and posts it in the group chat.

This strategy can also be used to host your virtual meetings!