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Opera launches its New Web Browser with Block-chain Support



Opera launched its new web browser designed to improve people’s digital quality of life, focusing on privacy and security functions. In addition, it included a new design in the software interface.

The program includes a cryptographic portfolio and a native browser for Web 3. This new feature allows people to make transactions with crypto-currencies and interact with the web of the future based on block-chain or also called Web 3.

The browser also has a free VPN. Opera ensures users better control over their privacy and security in their daily navigation.

“With this important update, we are taking the first step towards Web 3, the new web, where users are in control.” The Company Behind The Opera Web Browser believe that all browsers in 2019 should be compatible with Web 3 and support the use of block-chain “, stated Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President of Opera, Head of Browsers

Web 3: the web of the future

Web 3 is the internet of the future based on the use of block-chain. As of today, users can type the address of a Web application 3 in the browser’s address bar and they can explore Web 3 easily and simply.

“The use of technologies such as block-chain return power and control to people,” said Kolondra. “They can sign transactions and identify themselves on websites securely and without sharing their information unnecessarily.”

Web 3 on the PC

The cryptographic portfolio of Opera for computers is synchronized with the cryptographic portfolio of Opera for Android. This means that the keys of the cryptographic wallet never leave the user’s phone. In practice, whenever the user needs to identify himself on a Web site 3 or sign a block-chain transaction, he will receive a notification on his phone. Users can also confirm these transactions in the same way that they unlock the system, using, for example, face recognition or fingerprint.

It is also planned to soon incorporate the Crypto Wallet function into the Opera for iOS browser, Opera Touch.

VPN for security and privacy

Currently, one-third of VPN users around the world use this solution to stay anonymous on the web. Opera included an integrated VPN in its browser, thus covering that need for security and privacy when connecting devices to public networks.

The browser’s VPN establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel that protects the data of third-party users and hides its geographic location from the websites. The VPN service does not leave records, which means that it does not keep any data of the activity, all to protect the privacy of users.


The new version of Opera includes a design without borders or dividing lines between sections, allowing people to navigate in a calm manner without unnecessary distractions or obstacles. Web content occupies center stage.

The browser also includes two distinct themes, light and dark, which are inspired by high-key illumination and low-key photography, where the objectives are to maximize or minimize the amount of light in a photo while maintaining the contrast. Depending on the mode, configuration or content they are watching, people control how they frame web content.

Opera launches into the game with the Opera GX browser

You may not have heard of it, but Opera is a web browser that competes with Chrome and Firefox to become the best browser. Your market share may not be very profitable, but it is a quality browser. Now, it seems that The Company behind the Opera Web Browser wants to offer something special to players with the announcement of a game browser called Opera GX.

Beyond the name of the new browser and the fact that it is “a new version of our browser designed specifically for those who play games in mind”, nothing explains the browser. There is an image of what the browser will look like, with a seemingly dark theme and red accents.

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