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Pat Robertson predicted that Donald Trump Is Losing the Mandate of Heaven



Are you sitting down? Why are you sitting down? This can be not a drill, folks. We are within the middle of a spiritual crisis and wish all hands on deck at this instant. Pat Robertson, evangelical evangelist, and noted Congolese dictator advocate has been a reasonably staunch fan of President Donald Trump over the previous few years. But, like several Trump allies, he balked at Trump’s exceptional call to drag U.S. forces out of Syria, departure Kurdish allies to be massacred at the hands of the Turkish government. However, in contrast to several allies, Robertson expected that this could place Trump at risk of losing the “mandate of Heaven.”

Pat Robertson, the noted evangelist well-known for those things he says, has joined variety of right conservatives in inculpative Donald Trump for his unexpected call to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and place Turkey and its dictatorship up to the mark of the world Donald Trump Is Losing The Mandate Of Heaven per Pat Robertson if he goes forward with the Twitter-announced arrange.

Right-wing evangelist Pat Oscar Robertson once publicized President Donald Trump as “God’s man for the job.” Now, he says the president is “in danger of losing the mandate of heaven.”

The Christian giving out Network organizer and seven hundred Club host delivered an unexpectedly robust rebuke of the White House’s announcement that it’ll stand by as Turkey prepares to invade northern Syria, feat the American-allied Kurdish forces at risk of attack.

Slamming the choice, Robertson aforesaid he’s “absolutely dismayed that us goes to betray” the fighters, who have partnered with the Syrian Democratic Forces within the battle against the self-described Muslim State.

Continuing, Robertson invoked the 2018 murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed in Turkey allegedly at the bid of Saudi Arabian prince Muhammad bin Salman.

“The President, who allowed Khashoggi to be cut in items with no repercussions some, is currently permitting the Christians and also the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks,” Robertson aforesaid. “And I feel ― and that I need to mention this with nice solemnity ― the president of us is at risk of losing the mandate of heaven if he permits this to happen.”

Robertson, who at the start showed very little concern for Khashoggi’s death in relevancy U.S.-Saudi relations, telling his audience that “you don’t make bigger a global alliance over one person,” has conjointly been a famous defender of the president’s since before he was elective.

Robertson and CBN have scored a couple of interviews with Trump, giving the network level of access not afforded to most media retailers, because the president typically simply speaks via Twitter and infrequently on Fox News.

Through CBN, Trump has little doubt been ready to reach evangelical voters among his base. At times, Robertson has perceived to address these supporters; too, even attempting to elucidate away Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape scandal once, simply a month before the day, audio emerged of Trump bragging regarding uncertain girls.

Instead of without ambiguity inculpative the remarks, Robertson praised Trump as being “like the phoenix” who would rise from the blow dealt with his campaign.

But for Robertson, who is thought for spreading hateful views together with preconception and Islamophobia on-air, Trump’s stance on Syria crossed a line.

The televangelist’s remarks increase the outcry from a growing list of conservatives and policy consultants who have expressed shock at the White House’s announcement, warning it spells danger for each the U.S. and also the Kurds.

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