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PayPal to Cater Wider Credit Customers with Easy Payments Options



PayPal to Cater Wider Credit Customers with Easy Payments Options

PayPal is one of the globally accepted payment platforms, which assures its 250 million customers to transact securely and seamlessly cross 200 markets across the borders.

PayPal has planned a promotional fiesta “Easy Payments” for its verified credit customer base, keeping an eye on the upcoming festive season.

Under this scheme, the retailers can offer three months easy payments at zero percent interest for a purchase of $30 or more, without down payments. The PayPal credit customers can even continue with the previous plan, which allows six months interest-free payments.

The customers (basket size $30- $99) will get first three months of zero interest installments on the purchases.

As per Susan Schmidt, U.S. Vice President of Consumer Credit, “Easy payments will function very much like an installment loan, except that it is sitting on top of an existing line of credit. We’ve had a version of this feature available for years – our focus here has been how we do make it a slick, fast experience that is beneficial for both merchants and consumers. And so far, merchant’s response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

How will the scheme function?

Most of the transactions done by PayPal credit customers are under the bracket of $99, so PayPal is targeting this large consumer base in contrast to its regular policy which focuses more on prime and super-prime customers. Apparently, it will offer wider ways of transactions and a bigger spectrum of products considering the customer’s inclinations and preferences.

The scheme will be available for PayPal Credit customers who are already being verified and approved by the company. There is no additional application process to be part of the scheme.

The pocket limit of the customers will decide their installment plans. At the end of the purchase, the customer can select the installment plan, and that’s it.

The company is optimistic that the program will work well with lesser technical hitches.

Anticipating its association with Libra, PayPal was exuberant about expanding its operations with Facebook who is set to provide the facility of its blockchain-based payment system. Although, due to the growing skepticism and resistance for Libra, it is trying to distance itself from the project.


PayPal is a globally trusted payment platform which provides a quick and easy online transfer of money.  It can also be used for online shopping and bidding on online auction sites.

Rolling over 200 global markets, PayPal enables customers to withdraw the money in 56 currencies. They can also receive the money in more than 100 currencies and can maintain the balances in 25 currencies.

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