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Photography by Leonardo Glauso



Photography is such an inspirational job, and if you are passionate about it, it can be your career. We used to click photos daily from our smartphones or even DSLR; this is the best practice to become an excellent photographer. If we talk about the types of photography or photographers, they are many.

Some people just take the wedding or birthday assignments, but some of them are brave enough and choose different genera that no any other can choose. Today, we are going to discuss a photographer who is specialized in fashion and artistic nude photography. His name is Leonardo Glauso so; let’s check out further details about him:


Leonardo Glauso





Latest assignment with Model:



Degree in graphic design also study photography

Life story:

Leonardo Glauso was born in 1989 in Florence. He lived in the same city and grew up here with a passion for photography. He completes his degree at Libera Accademia Delle Belle Arti in Florence with the title of Graphic Design. His major interest was in photography, so he also takes photography classes from Scuola Internazionale di Fotografia in Florence and become the fashion and artistic nude photographer. It is not easy to take the perfect picture from different angles, especially when the model presents her nude poses.

Professional life:

He works with many fashion agencies and gives his best from 20114 to 2017, only works in Milan. Here he collaborates with different magazines and fashion houses and gives his best work to them. If we talk about his photography style, it is more inspired by the European styles, and he also used to travel to different capitals for shooting. Meanwhile, he also completes his casting job along with photography.

Currently, he is living in Florance and completing his upcoming projects, and if you want to get to know more about him, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter. If we talk about his personal life, he is not providing any details, so we only know his best work and projects. Here we must add his famous work with the title, Sofiia. He got more fame after completing this collaboration. Long story short, he is best in his job, so consider him for artistic nude.

Social Media accounts:

He also shows his presence on Twitter and handles the account. You can follow him on his Instagram account and check all his uploaded collection of photography.

Here is his Twitter account, which you must follow for the latest tweets and updates if you are more active on Twitter. Moreover, he is also working on his personal website, where he used to upload all the details of his previous and upcoming project details.

Moreover, Leonardo is the inspiration of the people who want to make photography as their career. He works so hard to reach on this level, and his work speaks itself.


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