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Planning the Best Halong Bay Day Cruise? This Will Help



Best Halong Bay Day Cruise

Travelers visit Halong Bay to explore the amazing Natural Heritage and beyond. Only the Best Halong Bay Day Cruise can deliver a satiating visual feast.

Halong Bay is placed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. It boasts a stunning seascape of precipitous limestone pillars. It includes more than 1500 islands and many of them are virgin without any human presence. The area has many drowned landforms of limestone in emerald waters. They formed into a variety of features like arches and caves due to erosion by wind and water over centuries. One has to take the Best Halong Bay day cruise to explore the area.

Why take a cruise?

Halong stands for Descending Dragon. The area boasts blue sky, emerald waters, and a forest of almost countless islands, islets, and rock formations rising from the water.

As such, a cruise is the best way to explore the area. They range from a day cruise to cruising covering several nights for satisfying demanding travelers. Visiting the area one can witness the unique culture of floating Vietnamese villages, and enjoy the exotic seafood specialties. The cruises deliver an unparallel experience and are worth every dime you spend.

Top 10 Best Halong Bay day cruises

Most travelers have limited time these days. As such the Best Halong Bay Day Cruise is the perfect option for them to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Halong Bay. The day cruises have a varied time range of several hours. Thus, they offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the place.

  1. Orchid Day Cruise

It picks up from the Hanoi Old Quarter but the cost is not included in the cruise price. The 6-hour itinerary includes Got Pier, Lan Ha Bay, Dark & Bright Cave, and the Tra Bau area. It is the latest addition and the interior exudes a luxurious decoration. It offers a journey with many activities like kayaking opportunities.

  1. L’azalee Day Cruise

It is one of the best Halong Bay day cruises in the area. It features a wooden cruise and offers a memorable experience. The vessel is adorned with colorful cushions, pillows, and chic wall decor. The cruise covers Tuan Chau Marina, Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave, and Luon Cave. Travelers can also do leisure hiking around Paradise Cave. Lunch is also served during the cruise.

  1. Alova Day Cruise

This day cruise lets travelers explore the Halong Bay World Heritage on the Alova. It suits couples, families, and people traveling in a group. It also offers a transfer from the hotel and English speaking guide during the cruise. Vietnamese seafood cuisine is an added attraction of the cruise.

  1. Phoenix Day Cruise

The wooden style cruise both modern and traditional styles. It is ideal for those who have limited time and do not want to be on board overnight. It takes one to Tuan Chau Marina, Ba Hang Floating Village, and Thien Cung Cave. Travelers can also relish a sumptuous seafood lunch. English speaking guide is also available.

  1. Halong Bay & Cave Full-Day Cruise

It gives travelers the chance to see many things without staying overnight.  The daylong cruise charms visitors with the amazing views of the islands in the Halong bay including the Sung Sot Cave. It offers a delicious Vietnamese lunch. Travelers can do many activities like kayaking or riding a bamboo boat.

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Center Day Cruise

This all-day cruise lets one explore the Ha Long Bay of the Tonkin Gulf. The cruise starts with a welcome drink and travelers also have a delicious lunch. Visitors can stroll around the Paradise Cave and enjoy the beauty of the limestone pillars. The trip also includes a convenient pickup and drop-off.

  1. La Muse Cruise

It is ideal for those who want to take a special. The cruise boasts a classic design and offers an outstanding cruising experience. It covers Bai Tu Long Bay, Mat Quy islet, Dragon’s Head islet, and Teapot islet. Visitors can also do kayaking. The cruise starts and ends at Halong International Harbor.

  1. La Casta Daily Cruise

The cruise offers an 8-hour itinerary that includes several striking points of Halong Bay. The modern Jacuzzi pool on the cruise delivers an enhanced cruising experience to the guests. The serving restaurant offers delicious seafood dishes. Taking this, one can visit Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, and kayak in the tranquil water. The cruise also has to and fro transfer from the Hanoi Old Quarter area for extra fees.

  1. Genesis Day Cruise

The itinerary covers Tuan Chau Marina, Luon Cave, and Sung Sot Cave. It also offers many activities like kayaking after lunch. One can explore the Sung Sot Cave with magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites. It also boasts an audio guide system for supporting non-English speaking guests.

  1. Estella Premium Day Cruise

It gives travelers a unique opportunity to explore caves and hidden lagoons by kayaking or riding a bamboo boat. Guests can also have a glimpse of the Vietnamese floating villages and take a refreshing plunge in the clear water around the beach area in Lan Ha Bay.

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Luxury Halong Bay cruise

Halong also has different types of luxury cruises for affluent travelers. Maybe you are a newly-wed couple or celebrating your anniversary, or on a holiday vacation with your family, a Luxury Halong Bay cruise can deliver you a splendor of experience with exclusive cruise ships and premium class amenities, impeccable service, gourmet cuisine, and other luxuries.

How to find the Best Travel Agency in Hanoi

Thousands of travel agencies are there in Hanoi. It makes the task of finding the Best Travel Agency in Hanoi quite challenging. The agent you chose should be able to plan a wonderful itinerary that meets your budget for the next trip. A plethora of them are on the internet. Search and make a list. Also, conduct detailed research on the places you want to visit, things you want to do, and the hotel costs. Next, call them from the list you already made and judge how they react and their offers. Compare the offers and also check the reviews before taking a decision.