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Pool Detection Is Not Clean – What To Look At



Swimming pools should be maintained in the best way possible and retain their hygiene at utmost levels. There are serious repercussions that you can get from poor maintenance of pools. Therefore, you should know what to observe to ensure that everything is kept in check.

This is a very sensitive facility because it is a public amenity: it is used by anybody and if it has any flaws, everyone who uses it will be affected. For instance, if there is poison in the pool or there are any infectious elements in it, the users will be infected.

Therefore, it should be kept in a way that you ensure that the health of the swimmers is not compromised or taken chances with. To help you understand this, you should read above ground pool vacuum reviews.

Take care of the filter system

The swimming pool has a filter system that filters out all the contaminants that flow together with the water trying to find their way into the pool. They include silt, sand, grass, nylon papers, book papers, organic matter, feathers, leaves etc. The filtration system is fitted with strainers that prevent the pollutants to get into the pool.

However, with time the filters get clogged with the dirt and pollutants that they filter out. Moreover, the filters get overloaded with dirt and consequently, they compromise their function.

To that effect, they start leaking the contaminants that they are supposed to filter out into the pool. Therefore, you should never overlook the filter system because if they malfunction, they will mess up the whole pool.

Worse still, if you have channeled water directly from a natural water source like a river, it may carry with it thorns. If they pass through the porous filters, they will be carried into the pool and they prick the swimmers. Moreover, if the filters are damaged, they can also allow aquatic living organisms like fish, crabs, snakes, newts, frogs etc into the pool.

When they find their way in, they will pollute it. Furthermore, when they are killed by the pool chemicals and they sink and start rotting, you don’t need to be told the deathly smell and grotesque scenery they will create. They can even cause you to empty the entire pool and refill it again.

To top it all, if the filters are not good, they also contribute to the greening of the pool and the water becomes messy. Trying to reverse this mess will cost you both money and a lot of effort. Wherefore, the filter should remain running 24/7. You should also backwash it for about 4 times a day. D.E filters are quite recommendable for the best and topnotch results.

Pool chemical treatment

Apart from filtration, the other part that you should do professionally for proper pool maintenance is treating the pool water with the right chemical ratios. But before this, you should ensure that the debris that find their way through the top of the pool like papers, leaves, feathers, seeds, pieces of wood, etc are strained out to prevent them from rotting there and defiling the pool.

After that, you should check the pH to establish the acidity, basically, and alkalinity of the water. According to the results, you will know how to adjust the three with either pH Plus, Minus, and Alkalinity. When you balance the pH correctly, the water will clear up but if you don’t balance them, the mess will remain. After that, the next step is to shock the water to kill all the living organisms in it including algae, and bacteria. The amount of Chlorine required in the pool depends with the extent of the pollution. If the water was so bad and contaminated, you will need many gallons for a consecutive number of days.

Per day, you will require about 4 gallons. However, you should never over-shock a pool by adding more gallons of shock per day. When the water clears up, you will even be able to see the bottom of the pool. If there is sediment and dirt, you can lean it using the pool cleaning devices. Above ground pool vacuum reviews have all the information you need.

To sum it up, these are the things you should do to maintain your pool healthy and beautiful.