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Portable Wheelchair Ramps and Their Uses



Today, luckily, access portable ramps are an increasingly widespread element in our society. They are more important than they seem, especially for users with mobility limitations, in wheelchairs or baby carriages. Some buildings and older constructions do not have an access ramp, but with a portable wheelchair ramp they can offer comfort to their users without having to make a construction ramp. Ramps are highly recommended, for example, when climbing a low step, as it is a quick, safe solution and is also approved. You also have loading ramps, an element that you cannot miss when making a move or transferring heavy equipment in vans or trucks. They will help us reduce the workload and make the loading process easier.

Ramps are platforms made of resistant materials such as steel or aluminum. Their load capacity can vary but normally is between 600 and 1500 kilos and dimensions between 80 and 135 centimeters wide. Very important is its surface that is manufactured with non-slip materials so that when things are loaded they do not slip and less force is made.

Ramps typically have 3-point supports with self-positioning supports and a telescopic column. To this must be added the auxiliary opening that has a vertical rotation system and a locking device. The question is how to choose a ramp that can cover all our needs, for this there are several aspects that we have to take into account. The first point to take into account is to make sure we buy a ramp with an incline proportionate to the height of the step. It is recommended that for every 10 cm in height, the ramp measures 1 meter in length. You can also divide the ramps into several types:

Double rail ramps:

They are ramps made of aluminum and can be fixed or foldable to be able to remove and store once it has been used. Dual rail ramps are designed so that each wheel on the wheelchair runs on one of the rails.

Before using it, we must make sure that the ramp is well fixed and that, if the rails are separated, they are at an adequate distance so that the wheels circulate correctly and accidents do not occur.

Roller ramps:

These may be the most comfortable ramps to travel with as they are very easy to store and transport. As they are rollable, they take up very little space and are usually very light.

Folding ramps:

Another solution when traveling are folding ramps. You can find from lightweight ramps made of aluminum to more resistant ramps made of steel. Most of these ramps close in the shape of a suitcase and usually incorporate a handle for easy carrying.

Telescopic ramps:

Ideal for vans or trucks, since being retractable they take up little space but tend to offer more height than other ramps.

Advantages and disadvantages of loading ramps

First of all, these types of accessories are very useful for people in wheelchairs or baby strollers as it is indicated at the beginning, but also for when they want to transport heavy things from one place to another. You just have to install them in the vehicle and unfold them when the activity begins. Through the mobile ramps for vans, heavy things can be mounted without having to strain and in a very comfortable way.

They are also very practical for other daily activities such as transporting small things or for an activity where constant carrying of objects is needed, and the best thing is that they can be carried in the vehicle.