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Precision Balances – Purchasing Guide in 2019



Does your job require knowing with infinite accuracy the weight of certain materials? The purchase of a precision balance is absolutely necessary. Many things must guide your choice. The first criterion required is, of course, the accuracy of the instrument. The second is the maximum weight it can support because it can limit the use of the device. The other qualities then vary from one consumer to another, some prefer congestion, others the value for money. You can find the development of these points in our buying guide.

How to choose a good balance of precision?

Compared with other weighing equipment, the Adam Equipment Precision Balances has a high-resolution capability. Usually used by laboratory technicians for quality analysis and control, scientists for their research and students for their learning, this laboratory-scale should not be chosen in a hurry against a variety of models on the market. Follow the advice we give you on our price comparison to buy a good balance of precision while taking into account its accuracy, its maximum load and its brand.

Purchase guide

The precision

This is the first criterion to remember when choosing a precision scale as it is used to weigh tiny amounts of material in work and research areas. The level of accuracy of the lab-scale determines, in fact, the fineness of the results. Wondering how to buy a precision balance with better value. It must be able to measure the smallest possible mass with an accuracy of 0.1 g up to 0.01 mg.

To have an exact level of accuracy, weighing must be done in a well-insulated environment from the outside. You should know that if the scale is delivered, or not, with additional materials that can isolate it against any form of disturbance related to weighing as the draft protection chamber … Otherwise, it is necessary to provide a windbreaker, because the result can be influenced by a simple breath of breath.

The maximum load

The range of a precision balance varies between 220 and 300 g or more. This criterion is still very important because Adam Equipment Precision Balances are ranked according to their ability to support the highest weight. You need to read our buying guide for the best precision balances so you do not go wrong with the maximum load you want to estimate.

The size of the weighing pan must correspond to the objects to be weighed. It must be adapted to the shape and size of these objects. So when you buy your precision balance, you need to check the compatibility of the tray size with that of your weighing containers. It is the guarantee of high precision.

How to use a precision balance?

The use of a Adam Equipment Precision Balances is no longer reserved for professionals. Everyone can now use it. Its role remains simple: to provide precise information on the weighing value of any product. If you have difficulty handling your equipment, follow our advice.

Read the manual carefully before using it

Many people neglect the importance of the instructions delivered with their equipment. However, all the information useful for its operation is there. There are indeed precautions and contraindications to know before the first use. Thus, you can install and manipulate your article effectively in your daily life. If your device is shipped without this document, ask for it from the dealer.

Inspect your balance upon arrival

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is strongly advised to check the packaging of your item after the purchase. It must also ensure that all elements are present in the package. In case the product has been damaged during transport, you have the right to ask for a refund.

Find the perfect location for your balance

Make sure your accessory is properly placed by placing it on a flat, solid surface. This equipment must be installed away from a heating system.

Avoid exposing it directly to the sun’s rays. Also, make sure it is well protected from drafts or high air humidity. Dust and vapors can also damage it. The presence of electrostatic charges and unstable electricity can finally cause the device to malfunction.

Avoid mishandling

False manipulations too frequent can cause the display of erroneous results. To ensure the longevity of your Adam Equipment Precision Balances, avoid leaving a load on the weighing pan. Once you have received the exact value of your product, remove it immediately. Thus, the measurement system will always remain functional.

It is also recommended to respect the maximum load of the equipment. If you still decide to place a heavy object on it, it is likely to be damaged.

Contact an authorized professional in case of problems

If a fault occurs, do not open the unit immediately or repair yourself. To avoid making matters worse, call customer service to get an expert to fix the problem. Do not try to change the hardware settings or apply any changes. Maybe you can solve the problem, but the results will not always be reliable, or even wrong.

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