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Prevent Illegal Crossings on Borders through Surveillance Cameras



To find targets effectively inside a monitored area, operators cannot rely only on the high-resolution pictures. We tend to develop a correct VCA-based detection methodology. It depends on a multi-dimensional Gaussian Background Model that endlessly adapts to the background, therefore serving to avoid any false alarms typically generated by the moving components of the landscape like plants blown by the wind. The VCA accurately identifies people in the monitored area even if they are miles away. It is also able to track multiple targets in a single panoramic image. With the ePTZ function, the recognized person is also displayed in a configured zoom window.

The Border surveillance solution was designed to produce a high-resolution prepoznavanje tablica consisting of 320 MP pictures taken by high-end Panorama cameras. Because of specially-developed pioneer technologies, we can automatically find criminal activities no matter the lighting and environmental conditions. The solution conjointly helps guide patrol units to the precise spot wherever real threats arise.

Nations face several modern problems at their borders. kamere uzivo granicni prelazi is very important to prevent illegal crossings, human trafficking, and importation. Borders might contain sections several kilometers long wherever the terrain permits for humans or vehicles to cross. This makes it very tough to with efficiency monitor and shields these areas. Fences or walls are often designed on the borders; however, they’re sometimes ineffective by themselves. PID systems typically generate accidental false alarms, and criminals will abuse these systems by triggering alarms on purpose to distract patrol units. We have a tendency to recognize the condition of technological improvement throughout this field and developed an end-to-end surveillance solution to efficiently monitor borders and adjacent large-scale areas.


  • 320 MP stitched broad pictures
  • Panorama synchronization and white balance correction
  • Thermal pictures
  • Video Content Analysis
  • Multiple target chase
  • Continuous target localization
  • Integration with PID systems
  • ePTZ perform
  • PTZ Auto-tracking
  • Unique PTZ management functions
  • On-site recording
  • Self-maintenance

THE Main Advantages

  • End-to-end solution– we tend to provide a fancy solution consisting of high-end IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, and a specially developed VMS.
  • Full coverage on vast border sections – many Panorama cameras can cover several kilometers of border sections with high resolution.
  • Automated monitoring– The center is developed to mechanically guide the eye of operators to spots wherever threats arise.
  • Automatic detection from kilometers away – The system accurately detects unlawful border crossings. Humans are often detected from up to three kilometers away.
  • Multiple target tracking and localization – Once targets are detected they will be tracked either by the ePTZ perform or the auto-tracking perform of the PTZ cameras. Current GPS coordinates of targets are incessantly displayed; therefore patrol units will simply realize them on the sphere.
  • Alarm verification – Operators will accurately filter false alarms, although they’re accidental or caused an act of sabotage.
  • Effective operation below all lighting conditions – illegal crossings is a lot of frequent below low visibility conditions. Because of IR laser illuminators and Thermal PTZ cameras, operators will see in complete darkness, smoke and fog.
  • Operation in extreme weather– All elements of the Border surveillance solution is designed to resist extreme cold, heat and alternative environmental conditions.


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