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Printed Circuit Boards- What Are They And How Are They Used?



In simple words, we can understand that printed circuit boards are the building units or building blocks of the electrical components used in various devices. They are made up of insulating material, having lines, pads, and similar structures. They may also have systems like resistors and capacitors fixed on them.

The primary purpose of using printed circuit boards is to connect electric components. Hence, the fields where these boards use are mentioned below. So, continue reading the article and get to know how to use PCBs!

1. Medical Equipment

Printed circuit boards are generally used in the field of medical sciences. The devices having PCBs are used to diagnose and treat different diseases. These boards play a crucial role when it comes to the accuracy of medical equipment. The panels used in these medical instruments are dense and small in size.

Devices like blood glucose levels, blood pressure and heart rate detectors, and checkers are well-known for using these boards. Similarly, infusion pumps also benefit from these boards.

2. Modern Devices

Whether it is a mobile phone, computer, or any communication device, all modern devices use printed circuit boards. We know that machines, including mobile phones and computers, are getting smaller in size and more efficient day by day.

But, all this is possible because the printed circuit boards are available in their size with more embedded features and connections. Apart from the devices mentioned above, some home appliances like the microwave oven and similar other machines also use these boards for their functioning.

3. Aerospace Technology

Printed circuit boards also play a vital role in the devices used in aerospace technology. Hence, it is worth mentioning here that the instruments used in aerospace technology need to be more durable, long-lasting, and resistant to harsh weather. And, the same is for the printed circuit boards.

Therefore, the circuit boards used in aerospace technologies are supposed to be made up of a highly durable material capable of facing the harsh environment of outer space. Power supplies, temperature and pressure sensors, monitors, and communication equipment are examples of printed circuit boards in aerospace technologies. Quartz Crystals is also a good component for printed circuit boards that is also used in aerospace industries for aeroplane parts.

4. Navigation And Controls

When it comes to the controls and navigation systems, the role of printed circuit boards is not ignored. If we take the example of maritime, the submarines, large vessels, and cargo ships also take help from these boards in GPS and communication systems.

Besides the navigation and communication with other ships, many of the controlling functions also use these boards. The most prominent example of this is the autopilot system.

Winding Up!

Almost all the fields of modern technology require printed circuit boards for their proper functioning. Apart from the uses of printed circuit boards mentioned in this article, there are many other uses of these boards.

Shortly speaking, we can’t deny the role of these boards in the innovation and development of technology. If you are looking for a reliable firm to provide you with help and guidance regarding printed circuit boards, feel free to contact VictoryPCB.