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Professional Athletes Prefer the Noson Nasal Dilator



Healthy and adequate respiration is important for body and health. About every activity of the body, such as digestion, muscle moves, brain strength etc., requires a regular supply of oxygen performed by respiration. Oxygen is supplied to the target organ through respiratory tract and blood. The brain senses oxygen levels continuously in the body and adjusts the air velocity by transmitting stimuli to the respiratory muscles according to the action state of the body. The rate of breathing also improves and it can reach between 40 and 60 times a minute with an increased movement. The rise in the rate of respiration contributes to an increase in the availability of oxygen to meet growing demand. Studies have shown that the nasal expansionist such as Nasal Dilator also improves its efficiency to satisfy the rising need for oxygen in athletics.

Nasal Dilator’s Role

Nasal dilators, particularly snoring, were designed and launched during the 90’s to deal with issues arising from narrow airways. The process behind nasal dilators reduces nasal airway strength and enables better nasal respiration. Outside or inside nasal dilators all act by widening the nostrils to provide more oxygen for each respiration. In 1996, at the Atlanta Olympics they were really famous. When a nasal dilator is used for the physical exercise, it decreases nasal irritation and the subsequent decrease of breathing ability, increases breathing. Athletes and coaches assume that their breathing is strengthened and they can produce greater outcomes by using the nasal dilator. Many rugby, motorcycling, and cycling athletes use nasal dilators to optimize their efficiency, saturation and consistency.

Nasal Dilator by Noson

Following years of study on respiratory disorders, a Swiss start-up, NOSON AG, has created an internal nasal dilator, the Noson Nasal Dilator. The dilator attempts at better nasal respiration, which benefits many from mouth respiration. The humid, clear, and pleasant air flows through the nostrils. Mouth respirability tends to occur in people with compromise nasal passages. The Noson Nasal Dilator acts with these persons to improve nasal respiration. It stretches them when introduced into the narrows. Maintaining the nose open contributes to improved nose breathing.

Athletes Want Noson Nasal Dilator

Athletes who engage in athletic activity use more oxygen to fulfill their bodies’ needs. They would turn to mouth ventilation to get more oxygen while they are actively involved. They will have to use nasal ventilation with additional oxygen delivery if they have a Noson Nasal Dilator, since the dilation of the nostrils will ultimately ensure adequate air to penetrate. More oxygen can be transported until more breathing air is introduced, and the system receives the strength it requires to do better.

Noson Nasal Dilator can improve Athletes’ performance

More and more professional athletes from cycling and MotoGP are using the Noson Nasal Dilator to get more air through their nose. This makes them more efficient and more concentrated. The Spanish Motorcyclist Pol Espargaro is known with the 2013 Moto2 World Championship. He used a nasal dilator to boost nasal ventilation, oxygenation and consistency during his most recent race in the Teruel GP. He was the highest-ranking CRT rider for the seasons 2012 and 2013. In 2014, in his 150th Grand Prix weekend, he reported his first ever Pole Place at the Dutch TT in Assen. At the end of the season, he signed for the Suzuki team to ride his latest GSX-RR from 2015, after winning the Open Class – formerly called CRT. He has been an official Aprilia rider since 2017. According to Espargaro- athletes are actively healthy people who are using their bodies all of the time when competing. The muscle would become exhausted and function poorly if it does not receive enough strength. The metabolic rate of the body rises during physical exercise to provide the extra energy required by the muscles. The body produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from oxygen (adenosine triphosphate). So, in order to generate more ATP (energy), the body requires more oxygen, which can be provided by a Noson Nasal Dilator. Many athletes use nasal dilators to enhance nasal ventilation and report that their success has risen dramatically as a result.

The Noson nasal dilator is simple to use and fits comfortably during sporting and other athletic exercises thanks to its aerodynamic nature. Internal nasal dilators, such as Noson nasal dilators, are preferable to exterior nasal dilators or strips for both males and females. Internal nasal dilators do not produce any harmful side effects as they fit properly into the nose. External nasal dilators, on the other hand, may become detached from the skin due to sweating.