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We are offering qualified services for washing facades, showcases, windows of any scale and complexity. Cleaning of facades by climbers is carried out using special equipment, inventory, and special equipment. In our work, we use professional chemistry, which we select separately for each type of cladding. If you want to transform your building, give it the look of a new building, refresh the image and not spend a huge amount of time and resources on all this, then contacting a cleaning company would be the best solution. 

Timely cleaning of the facade from ingrained dirt and dust can significantly extend the life of the cladding, which will prevent unnecessary costs for facade repairs. The “pressure washing services” cleaning center will clean the walls of residential buildings, industrial and public buildings: shops, entertainment, and shopping centers, sports facilities, etc. Cleaners undergo professional training and have experience in washing facades of any height and complexity; they will clean walls from any material: stone, brick, glass, concrete. Also, work with ventilation facades of multi-story buildings Check out for a plethora of cleaning services.

  • Features of exterior cleaning

A clean, well-groomed facade always has a presentable appearance. Looking at a neat building, partners and potential clients form a positive opinion about the company’s reputation. It is not for nothing that they say that the facade is not only the face of the building but also a reflection of the business’s success. Many modern multi-story complexes have facades with a huge glazing area. This gives the building a presentable look, hides the massiveness of the buildings, and gives lightness to constructive solutions. Inevitably questions arise about the care of such buildings, especially if the windows cannot be opened and there is no way to access from the outside? It is at least unsafe to carry out the cleaning of such facades on your own. 

There is an option to order an aerial platform for these purposes; however, it also has limited height capabilities. An aerial platform above the fifteenth floor will not help you. So what do you do? The right decision would be to order the “facade wash” service from the “power washing” cleaning company, which has many years of experience in providing such services and a proven algorithm of actions associated with the involvement of industrial climbers.

  • Cars Cleaning

More than a third of consumers of car wash services are not ready to wash their cars on their own, but they want to save either time or money, or better, both. These are potential customers of automatic car washes. I will try to tell as objectively and in detail as possible about the robotic washes sold on the market so that readers can draw preliminary conclusions and reduce the number of trips to existing automatic car washes. But I urge you to make the conclusions after washing on the interest-models in portal sinks. Before reading the market review, I advise you to read this article to understand the terms used. It will also help to understand what determines the most important parameter of an automatic car wash, its quality. The neat appearance of the complex visually forms a reputation, demonstrates solidity, prestige, the style of the organization.

There are two types of automatic car washes – gantry car washes (or robot washes) and tunnel car washes. The difference is that in gantry car washes, the car stands still, and the robot washes it, going around it. And in tunnel washes, the car drives onto a conveyor belt and drives through the washing arches. Tunnel car washes are the most productive, large, and expensive.