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Quartz filters for observing air pollution



Air quality is turning into an ever-increasing world concern. As the business continues to develop, our society is faced with growing health problems from exposure to pollution and airborne particles. Tiny particles are of special concern because they’re respirable and once in drawn; penetrate deep into the lungs inflicting acute or chronic health effects. Thankfully, governments worldwide have set standards for pollution management however regulation pollution levels need constant observation.

For logical or gravimetric lessons Borosilicate glass filters produce a organically inert-filter matrix that’s proof against each chemical and PH-extremes. Use as prefilters to increase membrane life, for water/air pollution analysis, or liquid clarification. Filters while not binder stand up to up-to 500°C. Filters with binder stand up t- up to 120°C. Ratings GC90, GS25, and DP70 add folder run advanced wet strength and lesser fiber unleash. Quartz strength filters have low touch metal gratified and may face up to up-to 1000°C. Choose Advantec QUARTZ FILTERS to example acidic gases at high heats or for air effluence analysis. ADVANTEC has been the number one manufacturer of filtration products since 1917. We provide a good choice of product designed specifically for the environmental observance and air sampling that accommodates necessities set forth by regulative agencies worldwide. Test strategies could reference a brand-name product however this can be solely a suggestion supported tested samples at the time of publication and doesn’t exclude the utilization of a comparable product. ADVANTEC MFS’s commitment has and continues to be, to produce you with the best quality product on the market.

Some Specialty products

Opticlear MCE Membranes

Advantec developed the Opticlear MCE membrane for airborne amphibole observation. Once cleared, the composition of normal MCE will contribute to incorrect identification of asbestos fibers. Opticlear MCE offers superior optical clarity to look at collected particles. Cutting and packaging are performed beneath clean room conditions to reduce contamination. Out there in 0.80µm plain or gridded surface.

37mm Air Monitors

Advantec 37mm Monitors are designed for industrial hygiene applications together with a sampling of airborne particulates, asbestos, and metals. Use for closed- or open-face sampling. Out there as preassembled 2- or 3-piece device with standard 0.45 or 0.80µm MCE filter and support pad or as empty monitors to be used with Opticlear MCE or alternate 37mm filter. Additionally obtainable with gridded white or black MCE filters.


Made of polystyrene material. Use for transporting or storing filter. Frosted area on lid for identification of the sample. Dimensions: 50x11mm. Sterile.



Syringe Filter Holders

Convenient for filtering tiny sample volumes. The 25mm polypropylene unit comes with silicone o-rings. The type 304 stainless steel holders are out there in 13 or 25mm and embody a PTFE o ring gasket. End links are Luerlock, Luerslip fittings.

Open-face polypropylene Holder

Used for environmental air sampling. A PTFE o-ring holds the filter in place. Outlet-connection is mixture 1/4″NPTM/ male Luerslip. Includes hose barb connector for 1/4″ tubing.


Forceps are polished 304 stainless-steel with swish beveled tips for handling membranes. Length: 4.5 in.

In-line Filter Holders

Advantec In-line holders are accessible in a very kind of materials. LS25 and LS47 units are sort 304ss. A nickel-plated brass lockup ring permits filter change-out while not removing holder lines. LS25 has 3 PTFE gaskets; LS47 includes a Si o-ring and PTFE gaskets. Each unit has dual support screens and 1/4″NPT to 3/8″ hose barb adapters.

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