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Question Answer with Hassan Bilal Successful Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Coach



Question: Welcome, Hassan Bilal to my blog. Kindly share about yourself and some background before starting Techno Hawks.

Hassan Bilal: Hi, I’m Hassan Bilal Founder at Techno Hawks. 5 years ago, I decided to take the entrepreneurial journey and founded Techno Hawks. After successfully leveraging Digital Marketing to grow, I have decided to launch to impart Digital Marketing training and coaching.

Question: How exactly Techno Hawks happened and what is the story behind that?

Hassan Bilal: Till date, the journey with Techno Hawks has been incredible with a lot of learning at every stage. As we decided to take the entrepreneurial route, things were a little difficult initially.

Question: How it has evolved in the last few years? Would you like to share some stats?

Hassan Bilal: Since 2018, Techno Hawks has been providing training through the online delivery method. However, after getting several requests to have a classroom training course, we launched Digital Marketing Classroom Training in Abbottabad and Haripur.

Question: Is this the only venture under your name or you have multiple other projects as well?

Hassan Bilal: Before Techno Hawks, we were working on another brand  Xpertsolutions, I have also started It is more like blog, I provide tips related to  SEO and also update users from recent updates; through this plateform I also offer different  trainings  to audience from time to time. I have also setup Easy Guest Posts It provides high authority guest posting services.

Question: What is the scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan (From both Business & Career point of view).

Hassan Bilal: Needless to say, Digital Marketing is ruling the marketing domain. In a short span of time, Digital Marketing has proved its worth providing exceptional marketing opportunities and promising career options.

Business Perspective: With the online revolution, people have shifted to the internet. When they start looking for some information or buying a product/service, they do try the internet. Businesses cannot afford to ignore these channels.

Career Perspective: Digital Marketing has opened a gateway of career opportunities for aspiring Digital Marketers. The demand for skilled digital marketing professionals has increased considerably with digital transformation.

Question: These days everyone is interested to get into Digital marketing. Can anyone get into and build a career in Digital marketing?

Hassan Bilal: Digital Marketing is one of the most in-demand career options today. By offering lucrative career opportunities, it has successfully grabbed the attention of a lot of students and professionals. There are no prerequisites to learn Digital Marketing and build a career in it. All you need to have is an interest in the domain & willingness to gain the Digital Marketing skill-set. A person from any educational background can switch their career into digital marketing.

Question: What are the few high demanding skills under Digital marketing, if one wants to get expertise?

Hassan Bilal: Digital Marketing is a wide concept and includes different channels. Having a thorough knowledge of all the Digital Marketing Channels is necessary. However, becoming an expert in at least one channel is what will help you gain a competitive advantage.

Some of the most in-demand digital marketing skills are Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Inbound Marketing & Marketing Analysis.