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Quick Tips: Make Images More Portable by Converting them from JPG to PDF



Printing to PDF is a great accessible alternative nowadays and has been made much simpler with OS support in most platforms. So while creating a PDF from a Word document or making a file record combination is reasonably easy, what if you have loads of images that you need to compile into a single PDF file to share with someone else?

With that, it’s useful to have the experience to convert JPG files to PDF. Image files containing diagrams, embedded fonts, text, and so on are more comfortable to save in PDF format. PDF permits such documents to look sharp and to be amplified without being hazy. With that, this post will explore the steps to make a PDF file from multiple images.

Benefits of Converting Images to PDF

Though all the multiple images that clients hold in their work area or PCs are JPG photos, it is a file format that is not ideally suited for optimal storage. PDF files pack and save images and take much less space than the usual JPG paper, making it easier to see the benefit of changing them to a file format.

A converter, for example, GoGoPDF, is an online tool that permits users to alter their photo files from JPG to PDF easily. Even though the name only mentions JPG’s conversion, various file types are still supported in this online converter. With a large subset of features, GoGoPDF makes conversions a hassle-free process and can convert mass files for fast performance.

Convert JPG Files Easily With GoGoPDF

The PDF file format is a popular format known to have various resources available to support it. A web-based tool such as GoGoPDF is one of the many converters accessible and manages PDF files with ease. This website provides many tools to handle PDF files, such as converting JPG documents to PDF files.

Other than that, GoGoPDF is a stable website, and no files are saved when you leave this platform. Any tool used on this platform is free, and there are no hidden obstacles, feature limitations, and restrictions. If you need to convert a series of still images to PDF, these little workflow guides could save you a lot of time.

  1. The initial move to take is to navigate the GoGoPDF conversion tool in your web browser and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Tap the Select File button or the Select Folder button on the Toolbar to add JPG files for conversion. You may import multiple JPG files at one time. You can also arrange pages after you merge several files into a single PDF document.
  3. Wait for the transformation process to be successfully done. After that, you can navigate your generated PDFs location and open it in a reader or any compatible PDF program.

Why Do You Need to Convert JPG files to PDF Format?

JPG and PDF are the two broadly used file designs for organizing and overseeing illustrations under varied applications. The images integrated for a JPG configuration can be compacted correspondingly, opting for the preferred document size. The format is workable and works productively on various platforms with graphic programs or browsers.

GoGoPDF, meanwhile, provides you with creative technology and conversion method functionality to better execute your task. PDFs remove the limitations of using a JPG format, making it more straightforward for your digital files to be repurposed. Therefore, it may be fundamental to convert your JPG to PDF based on your use of a JPG file.

The Downsides of Using JPG

Converting to PDF over JPG creates a more significant number of desirable conditions than putting away an individual record of JPG itself. For what reason? Because JPG comes with a few drawbacks, such as:

  • no preservation of transparency
  • lack of textual details for little pictures or images
  • after some time, continued saving or altering of a JPG image degrades its quality
  • for low-resolution images, it can create a more extensive document size
  • because of compression, images lose some quality and detail

If an image’s existence is a requirement, it is mandatory to turn over JPG documents to a more portable and essential configuration such as PDF.


As mentioned earlier, images can stand on their own, but sometimes some photos need to be grouped into a single portable document format file to be saved and shared with anyone. With this, you already know how to turn multiple images efficiently into a single PDF document by following the guides above.

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