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Quran Learning For Beginners In Online Quran Classes | A Guide



Want to learn Quran in the online Quran classes but do not know where to start? Learning the Quran is the first step in understanding Islam, and every Muslim should embrace it. Whether you live in a non-Islamic country or an Islamic one, you should never compromise on learning the Quran. 

It might be difficult for you to learn Quran if you’re a revert or have zero guidance on where to start. Quran learning in online Quran classes is not a piece of cake for all the amateurs with no direction. 

9 Steps Of Learning Quran In Online Quran Classes For Beginners | 2022

So what should you do now? How to get the knowledge before taking your first Quran class? Do not worry! Here in this article, we have detailed steps for beginners’ Quran classes. Let us have a look at them!

  1. Noorani Qaida For Online Quran Learning

Noorani Qaida is undoubtedly the basis of the Arabic Language. It aids in learning Quran not only for kids or beginners but also for adults who are reverted to Islam or found their passion in Quran later in life. 


It would be best to start practicing from the Noorani Qaida to give your passion a practical form. The Qaida will help you build a good pronunciation of Arabic alphabets with perfect tajweed. 

Also, with the help of this Qaida, you will be able to recognize Arabic symbols and words. So, let the Qaida be your first tutor in your Online Quran classes journey. 

Quran Easy knows the fundamentals of Online Quran Classes and will help you build a strong grip on the Noorani Qaida. 

  1. Start From Easy Chapters In Online Quran Classes

After getting a grip on the Noorani Qaida, all you need to do is start reading the Quran. But are you finding it difficult to follow from the start? So, the easy solution to this is to pick up some easy chapters from Quran and continue practicing there. 

Some chapters in Quran are easy to read as they do not have any difficult Arabic words. So, it’s a great opportunity for beginners to pick out some easy-to-read chapters and have a grip on them. Later on, you can start your Quran from the beginning. 

  1. Memorize Some Important Verses In Quran Classes

Quran is the book of Allah, and it has some messages and verses that retain significance in the whole Muslim Ummah. Memorizing and reciting them holds special rewards and protection. 

One such verse is Ayat ul Kursi, verse number 255. This verse comprises great spiritual benefits, so memorizing it will benefit you. 

So try memorizing such verses before finishing the Quran so that you won’t miss such astounding blessings. 

  1. Choose Your Favorite Chapter In Online Quran Classes

Among all the 114 chapters in the Quran, some chapters in the Quran are close to the people’s hearts, and they pay special attention to memorizing them. 

Also, the chapters in Quran are different in their credibility. Some chapters like Surah Rehman and Surah Yaseen have been given exceptional importance. By memorizing them, you can finish these before completing your Quran Learning. 

Quran Easy is providing the services of any Surah memorization for your ease!

  1. Focus on the Diminutive Details In Online Classes of Quran

It is not that difficult to grasp all the above steps. You will learn all the actions accurately but not with the utmost perfection. So Revision is the key to achieving perfection in Quran learning. 

The next part is to have a grip on the minute details in the Quran. You need to look out for every point mentioned in the Holy Book. 

You should know where the verse ends, where to stop or where to do not take any Waqf – pause. Our institute,, follows and comprehends the significance of all these rules and will help you understand and apply them. 

  1. Discover Your Qira’at In Online Quran Classes

Why only limit the reading of the Quran when you can recite it with such a mesmerizing voice? Before starting learning the Quran, get the basic details about the Qira’at of the Quran – the various ways of Quran recitation. 

The different styles of Qira’at include; seven Mutawatir and three Mashhur. Choose your type and start practicing your recitation on it.

  1. Learn Quran Recitation In Quran Learning Classes

What’s the point of Quran Learning if you are not good at recitation? Quran Recitation is the basic requirement of learning the Quran. If You have picked your Qira’at style, you should start reciting the Quran. 

Quran recitation should be done with proper tajweed rules and Qira’at to make it pleasing and comforting. 

Quran Easy has also launched its Quran recitation course, where you can easily have a grip on the recitation along with the tajweed. 

  1. Comprehend The Tajweed In Quran Classes

To level up your Quran recitation game, you need to grasp the tajweed rules. Learning tajweed is not an obligation for Muslims, but it becomes compulsory to teach the course of Quran Recitation. 

After learning about the tajweed rules, you can apply them to your Quran recitation. A perfect Tajweed makes your recitation more beautiful and free from errors. 

  1. Take Hifz Quran Course If You Want In Online Quran Course

After reading and reciting the Quran, you can also go for the Hifz Quran course. After learning all the above steps, this is the only step you are left with to become a master in Quran Learning. 

However, this is totally up to you, and there is no obligation to take this course. Most of the people further go for the hifz course for their rewards. 

Quran Easy is making the hifz course easy for beginners in Quran learning. 

  • Take Online Quran Classes with Us!

As a Muslim, Quran Learning is the basic requirement to excel in the Quran Hifz Course and recitation. So, there must be a proper course for beginners to guide them through the different aspects of learning. 

Have you made up your mind bout the recitation of the Quran? If yes, you need to look at the amazing courses we are offering at the Quran Easy Institute.