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Reach your life goals with Guy Lelouch



Everyone has something that they want to achieve in life. Whether this is based around financial goals, forming amazing relationships, or simply becoming a confident, self-sufficient person, reaching life goals can be a struggle, especially when there are lots of other things going on. However, with the help of Dream Hacker Guy Lelouch and his proven tools, you’ll find that you can reach your life goals quicker than you think.

Who is Guy Lelouch?

Guy Lelouch, or the Dream Hacker, has used his life experience to develop tools that can help people to reach their goals and create their perfect lives. Starting out from humble beginnings, Guy took his first steps in creating a better life by quitting his low paid software development job, despite having no plan, and seeing how he could better himself. Through researching ideas for businesses that could be started with very little capital, and would use his software development skills, Guy had created his first money-making product within just 4 months. This company would then go on to be a huge success, but the novelty of money and all that came with it wore off over a few years, and Guy Lelouch knew that he needed something more.

With this in mind, Guy stepped away from his company and set off on a trip around the world with just a carry on case full of belongings. During this trip, he improved his focus and put a lot of thought into what could make him happy, and how to achieve this. This process enabled him to formulate a number of tools that can truly accelerate personal growth by measuring success through a number of metrics, as you would in business.

What can Guy Lelouch help people to achieve?

The beauty of Guy Lelouch’s tools is that they can help you to achieve anything that you set your heart on. This could be financial freedom if your job isn’t enabling you to live the way that you want to, or developing the perfect relationships with family members, friends, and your dream partner. These tools can also help you to successfully work your way towards a great body, and give you control over your life – even if you have a manager that you have to report to.

Ultimately, Guy’s method will help you to accelerate your dreams so that you achieve what you want in life without having to wait forever. You’ll end up with more drive and confidence, won’t consider giving up on reaching your goals, and will find that all fears and doubts are reduced so that they no longer impact on your life changing decisions.

What is the BOOST Journal?

One of Guy’s tools is the highly praised BOOST Journal. This journal will help you to organise and prioritise each aspect of your life, and will motivate you by proving just how much progress you’re making towards your goals. Not only will this journal assist you in reaching your targets, but it will help you to maintain and develop your achievements once they’ve been met, and will work to give you a boost should you be feeling unmotivated or negative at any point.

Completing a BOOST Journal does not take a lot of time, in fact writing in it for just a few minutes each day can really help you to regain focus and work towards what it is that you really want in life. Plus, taking a bit of time out to work on this will give you the chance to free your mind from everything else that’s going on, and really concentrate on what’s important as you leave all negativity and distracting noise behind.


All of Guy Lelouch’s tools have been developed through his own trial and error, which shows that they really can work for you. In fact, there are plenty of happy, fulfilled BOOST Journal users who would testify to how great this tool is, as it has helped them to focus on their dreams and achieve their life goals – whatever they may be.

How to get your free BOOST Journal

If you’ve found that you’re lacking motivation, are stuck in a bit of a life rut, or simply need some help when it comes to reaching your own personal goals, you can kickstart accelerating your dreams with a free BOOST Journal. While stocks last, Guy Lelouch is giving away copies of this helpful life tool for free as he wants to be able to help others in the same way that he has helped himself over the years. For more information, visit the Dream Hackers website where you can apply for your free BOOST journal today.

Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.