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Robert Pattinson has been confirmed as the new Batman



It’s official! We have a new actor who will play the batman in his new film “The Batman”. As reported by Deadline, it is none other than Robert Pattinson, actor popularly known for being part of the saga “Twilight “.

It is known that this new superhero film will be a trilogy directed by Matt Reeves (known for directing the last two films of “Planet of the Apes “and” Clover field “). The choice of Pattinson comes after rumors at the beginning of the month that spoke of two possible names to keep the role: the aforementioned Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult (who has lately appeared in “Tolkien “,” Mad Max: Fury Road “and “The favorite “). Warner Bros wanted to do camera tests with both to avoid making a mistake. According to Deadline, Hoult was impressive, but not better than Pattinson.

Fans of the cinema and the batman have put the scream in the sky since it began to sound possible that the ex-Twilight stayed with the role of Bruce Wayne. Something understandable if we think that the actor is best known for that youth saga of films, but it should be noted that in recent years Robert Pattinson Reportedly that has managed to work with such important directors as David Cronenberg, Werner Herzog, and Claire Denis. As if that were not enough, the new film by Robert Eggers (director of the excellent “The Witch “of 2015) and in the new film by Christopher Nolan: “Tenant” will also appear in ” The Lighthouse “.

The new trilogy of Reeves will focus on a Batman that is just beginning, so it was necessary to choose an actor with just over 30 years. It is also known that the new tapes will have nothing to do with Ben Affleck’s Batman since the new films will focus on the most detective Batman of the comics since it is assumed that the great “superpower” of the batman is “Be the best detective in the world.”

At the moment we do not know more details about it but we will keep you informed. Finally, we would like to remind you that at the time the choice of Heath Ledger as the Joker was also extremely criticized (mostly because of homophobia, since he had recently appeared on the film ” Secret in the Mountain “) and ended up being the best incarnation of the Joker on the big screen that we have seen. Only time will tell if Pattinson can do something similar with his new role as Batman.

Robert Pattinson will get the coat

As it has been rumored for weeks, Robert Pattinson will be the actor who plays Bruce Wayne in the trilogy of films that already works Matt Reeves (The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). The Batman, the first installment of the three films, is scheduled to premiere in June 2021.

The protagonist of the Twilight saga, the favorite actor of Reeves for the role, already has the approval of Warner Bros. and, according to Deadline, will sign to star in the new trilogy of the Dark Knight. Pattinson is thus imposed on the other great candidate, Nicholas Hoult, one of the protagonists of the X-Men saga.

The publication also reveals that the shooting will begin before the end of the year and that the film will focus on the first steps of Bruce Wayne as Batman, so it was necessary an actor who was around 30 years to give life to the character, who will move away from the more mature, tired and jaded version of the hero. The official announcement of Warner is “imminent”, concludes the information.

All the work of Reeves – who took the reins after the resignation of Ben Affleck, first as director and then as the protagonist – in relation to Batman, has been wrapped in great secrecy.

The first thing that transpired was that Reeves was determined to focus his film on a younger version of the character, something that is confirmed now with the signing of Pattinson.

Other details that have transpired is that it will be a film with a marked ‘noir’ tone, focused on the most detective aspect of the character and that would feature several of the most iconic villains in the Batman universe.

Other rumors, also unconfirmed, claimed that Cat-woman and The Penguin would be the villains of a story that would have among its references the legendary year one comic by Frank Miller.

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