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Rolex Watches: A Brief Guide You Should Have Before Buying One



Rolex is a well-known Swiss watch brand founded by Hans Wilsdorf. In 1905, this iconic brand started to introduce a wide variety of professional sports watches like Rolex Daytona for racing and Rolex Submariner for diving.

How to Differentiate a Real Rolex from a Fake One?

With so many fake Rolex watches in the market today, you need to have the ability to spot a fake Rolex. Many features differentiate them, like the cases, metal quality, engravings, weight, winding crowns, dial lettering, hologram, numbers, and sounds. You can also ask a helping hand from an expert to check if your Rolex is authentic or not.

Reasons Why Rolex Watches are so Expensive

Rolex Watches vary in prices depending on how they are made the material used in their construction. Here are some of the main reasons why these watches are so expensive.

Material and Technology

Firstly, Rolex is known to be one of the most expensive watch brands throughout the world. Their watches are so costly because the company uses rare materials and technology in crafting each timepiece.


The caliber of Rolex watches is tightly hidden inside a resistant, waterproof case. Rolex calibers lead the watch industry in terms of Chronometric performance. The iconic brand recently introduced its new 3255 calibers, which are known to surpass the level of precision of COSC.

Oyster Case

In 1926, Rolex introduced the Oyster case, the first-ever impermeable case throughout the world. The brand’s Oyster diver watches are reliable to be water-resistant, even up to 3,900 meters. This technology is one of the most significant milestones throughout the history of Rolex.

Stainless Steel

What makes Rolex unique from other watch brands is its steel. This iconic brand uses high-end corrosion-resistant or 904L stainless steel. This is a very durable material and incorporates shinier aesthetics, which is better than any other watch.

Triplock Crown Seal

Rolex waterproof watches are guaranteed to be reliable as it is added with a triplock winding crown seal. It enhances the water-resistance of every Rolex watch, making this iconic brand the best option for sports.

Top Rolex Watches

The Rolex Submariner Steel Automatic Black Dial is considered the top watch of the brand. This dive watch was launched in 2010 and incorporates Rolex’s iconic stainless steel material with luminescent finishes. It also equips the caliber 3135, has 31 jewels, a 50-hour power reserve, and 300-meter water resistance.

The Rolex GMT Master II Stainless Steel Automatic Black Dial is the top 2 watch, while the third and fourth spot goes to Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Stainless Steel Automatic Deep Blue Dial and Rolex Explorer II Black Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet Automatic Men’s Watch.

Latest Rolex Watches in 2020

1.      Rolex 126610LV-0002

One of the most luxurious and expensive watches now that almost costs two million yen is the Rolex Submariner Date Oyster Steel New Model 2020 Automatic Black Dial Green Bezel Men’s Watch. It incorporates the well-known Rolex Caliber 3235 packed with a 70-hour power reserve and resistant to water for up to 300 meters. This timepiece measures 42 millimeters in diameter.

2.      Rolex 126610LN-0001

The Rolex Submariner Date Oyster Steel New Model 2020 Automatic Chronometer Black Dial is a luxury men’s watch with amazing 300-meter water resistance. It also incorporates the Rolex Caliber 3235 and has an excellent power reserve of 70 hours. The material used in this 41mm watch is stainless steel and comes in a round-shaped design with a solid back cover.

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