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Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost, on Data-Driven Marketing



Businesses strive to be able to compete at their best so that they can take full advantage of the digital space. A struggle that has also brought about the development of newer approaches, more intelligent systems, and even smarter strategies.

From the moment the internet came into existence, it was decided that the world had stepped into a new arena – one where new dynamics of consumerism will evolve from. And today, we can witness this fact by looking directly at modern-day digital marketplaces.

This is where Data-Driven Marketing comes in — it is today’s top-trending digital marketing practice that has revolutionized the older school of thought.

According to Ross Andrew Paquette – CEO of Maropost, Machine Learning, and Data-Driven Marketing is all that it takes to outshine and keep one’s business thriving in today’s highly competitive online business environment. He also believes that machine intelligence is the next big thing and that it has the potential to influence and impact businesses greatly.

What does this mean for you? Find out below.

What is Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-Driven Marketing is a unique strategy that makes use of key business insights and data to achieve greater conversions in the least amount of time.

Today, billions of people use the internet — and those numbers are constantly rising. The growing dependency on the internet, the evolution of digital consumerism, and the rapid digitization of businesses have all given rise to today’s new age of machine learning and Data-Driven Marketing.

Because of this, Maropost CEO, Ross Andrew Paquette’s, words are not fictitious but are a rapidly growing reality. After all, these days, more and more online businesses and digital marketers have continued to focus on modern-day marketing automation tools and platforms.

What Do Top Leaders Say About It?

According to the majority of today’s successful leaders and entrepreneurs, data has unquestionably continued to drive the world of modern-day economics.

Ross Andrew Paquette pointed towards machine learning as the new age of digital marketing and business development because analytics has now become the essence of today’s digital business models.

Now, advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have evolved to work as more than just sales funnels and lead magnets – they’ve begun to simplify conversions and bring greater and better results even for those with fewer resources.

Why Do Digital Marketers Prefer It?

Today’s digital marketers have a clear idea of what’s going on with the rapidly evolving global digital marketplace and the dynamically changing dimensions of modern-day consumerism. In a world where the majority of people use mobile devices, not striving to keep up with the conventional ways of business and even online marketing would be a blunder.

From social media advertising to advanced social media analytics, digital marketers have tried and tested every single organic and inorganic approach to access relevant target audiences and convert them into real customers.

And, they have since learned that having an effective PPC campaign, social media ads, and a cool website is not all that it takes to build a successful online business. Understanding one’s target audience, their preferences, behavior, decisions, reactions, and much more, based on unique quantitative facts, is now what you need to boost your business development potential in 2020.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

By automating all your digital marketing and promotional activities encompassing email, mobile, web, and social media, you can add exceptional value to your online business. It is a unique method that critically examines machine-driven data and turns it into an unbelievable source of rapid growth for your business.

Simply put, if you have got valid data, then there is nothing that should stop you from being able to grow your businesses overnight.

With Data-Driven Marketing, you can access the right target audience at the right platform and in the right way at the best time. By choosing a smart and intelligent SaaS solution for marketing automation and lead conversion, you can also easily boost your online business without spending a whole lot of money.

Concluding Thoughts

Conclusively, it can be easily said that a bigger portion of today’s online consumerism and digital marketplaces rely on key consumer insights and information. By making the most out of these key consumer insights and analytics, businesses and digital marketers can put their efforts in the right direction and become market leaders in no time.

Today, countless businesses have not just adopted, but also witnessed, the unbelievable gains that Data-Driven Marketing has brought them.

By infusing intelligent email marketing tools, effective mobile marketing approaches amplified online user engagement, and enriched social media alignment, there is nothing that compares to Data-Driven Marketing and Business Development.

Most businesses have now considered adopting Data-Driven Marketing as the new norm of digital marketing. Something that Ross Andrew Paquette, with his unified customer engagement platform Maropost (which Tekrati has dubbed as the ‘perfect solution for your e-commerce site’) has shown us is essential. Especially when it comes to successfully achieving one’s desired strategic business development goals.