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Routine and facts about Faiz Imran



The Founder & CEO of Fismma Digital Agency, Faiz Imran, is a teenage millionaire and still studying in high school. He lived a very simple but busy life and tried to spend every minute of his life productively. Let’s talk about his routine life.

The routine life of Faiz Imran:

The Teenage entrepreneur wakes up early, and after getting dressed went to school at 6:30 and left the school about 11:30 then he takes his other classes that are specifically dedicated for the career, etc. after that, he reached to his office and do some pending meetings with his colleagues after that everybody gets move towards their work. If the company engaged with any project, they all would spend hours completing their daily goals.

There is no specific time and arrangement for lunch, but Faiz Imran always tries to take his mentee or any student with him, and he all free all the time. At 8 PM, he grabbed his meal and went to the gym till 9:30, and when he came back, he wants his gym snack every day.

His sleep time is started around 1 am; meanwhile, he spends some time with his family, checks some last mails, puts his phone aside, and before going to bed, analyzes the daily program, thinks about new ideas, and writ5e down them. According to Faiz, he gets all the best ideas late at night, and if we put light on his weekend routine, you will never find anything exciting, but the more working hours and meetings.

Well, you can understand the worth and value of hard work in Faiz’s life after look at his routine because he doesn’t spend idle time, but he loves to travel. Whoever he gets time, he would like to travel and explore new cities and countries.

Amazing facts about Faiz Imran:

  1. At the age of 17, he already made 1 million
  2. His net worth is 2.4 million dollars, that is the total sum of all his businesses and assets.
  3. He lost his all savings of around $8k in stock treading that he saves after selling toys as a kid.
  4. He owns 30 pairs of shirts, shoes, and pants because he thinks it’s a wastage of time by guessing what to wear.
  5. He is a car lover and owns five cars.
  6. Faiz’s Instagram is welcoming
  7. He loves to travel and explore new places.
  8. He also owned real estate properties and got the rent in partnership.
  9. A social center is also added in his plans where he wants to give classes to the young people and provide an easy way to get easy access to the people.

Moreover, he is also supporting young people and motivates them for business. He aims to give every possible facility to the youngsters that they might face because of their age. He knows the worth of hard work; therefore, he always motivates young talent. We wish him luck for his wonderful cause. You can visit Faiz personal site for further assistance.

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