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Sartorius Analytical Balances: The new Secura to weigh easily and reliably



Sartorius Analytical Balances are laboratory weighing instruments that provide the highest precision for analytical weighing processes: results have at least four decimal places. The scales are equipped with a screen to avoid disturbances due to ambient conditions. Sartorius analytical balances provide reproducible weighing results and ultra-fast response times. Their monolithic weighing system, the first in the world of its kind, meets unique requirements to ensure the highest measurement accuracy.

Of course, the new Secura is a laboratory scale that creates new metrological references. But beyond the technical characteristics, Secura guarantees you at all time the security, the serenity and the conviction to have done the best possible way to ensure the quality of your measurement results, the respect of the regulations and the efficiency of your work.

All this thanks to the brand new control system that facilitates the daily work with the scale and thanks to the integrated APC (Advanced Pharma Compliance) functions that provides you with painful and lengthy tasks of documentation and control. These two aspects combined with the quality of Sartorius make it never easier to weigh reliably in the regulated sectors.


Achievement laboratory work

If you compare the technical parameters of some common laboratory balances, you will find that they all look the same, that is, you can see all of them by seeing a model. But in fact, it is not enough to consider the technical parameters of the laboratory balance. Sartorius’ latest BSA series of electronic balances are uniquely designed to efficiently and reliably perform daily weighing in the laboratory. And because of its powerful technology and clear operation and function, it makes it stand out.

The latest technology

More features are concentrated in the high-resolution application: 1mg-620g and 10mg-6200g. Sartorius combines cutting-edge technology with reasonable cost to create the latest level of excellence. The BSA Series features the latest and most powerful microprocessor technology to reduce response time and deliver faster results. Even when the environmental conditions are not perfect, reliable weighing results are always obtained, relying on highly developed digital compensation algorithms.

Easy to use

When you need to repeat heavy weighing work day after day, quickly and reliably, the last thing you want is a balance that is complicated to operate and often leads to misuse, which wastes your valuable time. Welcome to BSA’s comfortable operating space: easy-to-understand control panel, well-distributed keyboard, clear and easy-to-read display readings, BSA can perfectly and effectively adapt to your laboratory work. User-friendly operation: easy-to-understand English text prompts and indicators to guide you to easily set balance parameters to meet individual requirements. High contrast with a backlit display for excellent readings (character height: 15mm). The level is next to the display and it is very convenient for the operator to check if the balance is level.

Full functioning

By listing all the features of the Sartorius BSA, you will find that only the true Sartorius laboratory balance can provide you with all of these advantages, and it is worth your while. All -CW models come standard with built-in motor-driven calibration weights. Maximum accuracy is guaranteed with just one click. To obtain raw or calibration/adjustment data in accordance with ISO/GLP standards, simply connect the YDP03-0CE data printer and press the print button. Other standard built-in applications: percent weighing, net weight summation, animal weighing/dynamic weighing, unit conversion, calculation

Sartorius’ new Secura series electronic balance

Recently, Sartorius officially launched the new Secura series laboratory balance. This product goes far beyond the new standard of measurement. Multi-faceted security guarantees users to perform correct operations according to ideal specifications to ensure accurate measurement results and improve work efficiency. According to the relevant information of Sartorius, the new operating concept of the Secura series of electronic balances can significantly reduce the daily workload of the staff during weighing; at the same time, the APC function of the product can make users from tedious and time-consuming documents and Free from the monitoring task. These two advantages, combined with the legendary quality of Sartorius, make reliable weighing in the regulatory area easier than ever.

  • Level Control function ensures that the instrument is always level
  • Meet USP minimum sample size measurement
  • Eliminate the risk of temperature fluctuations
  • Easy to clean, ensure the desired result