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Save money during shopping



some tips are for everyone to successfully save. Whether to have a small safety cushion or to carry out a project that is close to your heart, choose one (or more!) And put it into action. You will see big and small changes taking place! And you will succeed in achieving your goals.

You may have heard it over and over again, but the first and most effective way to save money is to be really aware of your financial situation. And for that, it is absolutely necessary to make a budget. It is much less complicated than it seems; just draw a table with two columns:

In the first column, you enter all your monthly earnings: salary, allowances, etc.

In the other, all your fixed costs: mortgage, insurance, electricity, car payments, telecommunications, etc.

Then you subtract, and you magically get the amount of money that you can save money on. Be careful, you haven’t eaten yet, and you haven’t dressed or enjoyed yourself. However, it is only in the amount you have left after paying your fixed costs that you will be able to make small changes that will ultimately save you money. You can also use software or an application to follow the flow of your cash inflows and outflows and set goals.

Tips for saving on recurring expenses

Buy clothes at the end of the season: take advantage of the winter and spring sales for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Savings can sometimes be as much as 80% of the original price.

In the same vein, buy the decorations for the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) in the days that follow: the items easily drop by 50% of their initial value, sometimes even more.

Cancel the telecommunications services you don’t use: do you really need that specific plan for your cell phone, 300 TV channels, a monthly subscription to a magazine you hardly ever read?

When you or your children need new clothes, consider going to used clothing stores and thrift stores (Valuables Village, etc.). There is a multitude of excellent quality items there for often 10% or less of the new value.

For purchases of expensive items, consult the classifieds sites, “”. There are always great deals.

Tips for saving everyday

Make your lunch and bring tea from the office or even your coffee press to save on expensive hot beverages in small bistros.

Always keep a few dishes in the freezer for those evenings when you don’t want to cook: much cheaper than stopping at a Chinese restaurant or a local pizzeria.

In a car, drive slower, and frequently check the air in your tires, engine oil, etc. You will save on gasoline and maintenance costs for your vehicle.

Tips to save on your grocery bill

Make it a habit to consult circulars to compare prices in different supermarkets. You can also use the coupon principle to save precious dollars.

At the grocery store , avoid ready-made and frozen meals, pre-cut vegetables and fruit, individual packaged snacks, etc.

Opt for large formats of non-perishable items, such as flour, rice and pasta. Take advantage of the specials to buy large quantities of toilet paper rolls, body care products, cans, unrefrigerated juices, etc. However, be careful not to fall into the trap of large formats for anything that is not essential. Large formats of bag of chips are cheaper, but if you eat more, you do not save money and in addition, you harm your health.

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