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Security locks everything you do not know and would like to know



In recent years, security locks have become very important, because there are more and more robberies and thieves are aware of the latest techniques to access our homes and businesses. Likewise, security companies innovate more and more in security locks in order to stop thieves and make us feel more secure and thus ensure that no unauthorized third parties access our home or business. It is there that the fact of having a good security lock is important, to allow us to live more quietly.

A little history: Who invented the security lock?

People often ask themselves many questions regarding security locks. And one of the usual ones is “who invented the security lock “. Because it seems that important things appear alone, but no, there is always someone behind every invention.

If we talk about the origins of the lock, we have to go back to China and about 4,000 years ago. Although years later it would be used in Egypt, around 2,000 BC. Later, between the 17th and 19th centuries, up to three thousand different models were presented in the United States. It was at that time that Linus Yale patented the modern lock, and, with the help of his son Linus Yale Jr. and taking the Egyptian lock as a reference, perfected his creation. Click here for more info.

The importance of choosing a security lock

To correctly choose the security lock, the first step is to ask a professional for advice, to find out which is the most appropriate lock according to the type of business or property. There are different models of a security lock, so it is important to opt for the most recommended.

But it is essential to opt for a good security lock, to protect either our home or workplace and prevent the entry of intruders. And even if you think you currently have the protected house door, the same is not the case. The protection systems are advancing rapidly, by leaps and bounds, so the techniques used by thieves as well. That is why it is important to always go one step ahead and protect you well, to avoid making it easy for thieves and for a possible assault or theft of goods.

Security locks for armored doors

It is common, for security, to reinforce armored doors with security locks. It is a way to protect more, to prevent them from entering you, so it is an interesting option to consider especially in those cases in which you have many goods or things of value.

In this case, the best security lock for an armored door is the multipoint lock. They have from 3 to 5 anchor points and marry very well by this type of door; they are also located in the upper, lower and lateral areas, making it one of the best and most resistant options.

What is the best security lock?

In case you are wondering what the best security lock is, tell you that there are many options you can consider. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is no lock that is impossible to open. One of the latest developments in locks is the invisible ones, the lock is hidden from the outside and when the thief tries to force the door, this lock prevents it. However, what is demonstrated is that the deterrent works, that is, the thief has to see that the door is protected with a high-security lock; it is the first signal that throws them back. Well, these invisible security locks are still very attractive to the consumer, from our experience we believe that their technology is very recent, which can cause many malfunctions.

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