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Send Free Text Messages to Any U.S. Phone



TextPort introduces Free Online Texting to U.S. mobile phones. is changing the world of free texting services by offering free online texting to new users, or anyone who needs to send a quick text message. Send texts to any U.S. number for free! No sign-up required.

What makes TextPort different? There are many web sites offering free texting messaging. Some of them work, but most don’t. Of the sites that do work, you need to know the mobile provider of the number that you’re sending to. That’s a problem because hardly anyone knows who the mobile provider of your recipient’s number is. Many free texting sites run a lot of ads. TextPort doesn’t run ads. TextPort’s sole focus is delivering a robust texting site with the highest possible delivery rates.

Exchanging SMS messages is usually associated with mobile devices, but there are times when there is a need to send texts from a computer or send text messages online, without having to use a phone. This is especially true when it comes to business text messaging or SMS marketing. offers a complete range of services dedicated to sending text messages for both personal and business use. TextPort offers bulk texting, group texting, virtual phone numbers, an email-to-SMS gateway, and an SMS API. All of these services allow businesses to expand their reach using SMS instead of more traditional methods like direct mail or email. Most people have their mobile device within reach 24/7. This makes the read and response rates of text messages significantly higher than email, so contacting customers is much quicker.

TextPort recently completed a complete revamp of its site, and built a service to provide an affordable and easy-to-use way to send text messages online. TextPort offers the following features and more:

  • Send and receive text messages
  • Chat interface
  • Virtual phone numbers
  • Send and receive picture MMS messaging
  • Bulk texting
  • Free trial
  • Pay-as-you go pricing

TextPort’s chat interface is designed to resemble that of a mobile phone. This makes it easy and familiar to manage your texts and conversations. TextPort works on any browser, and the site is verified by Google as mobile-friendly. There’s no software to install or apps to download. TextPort offers a fully-functional free trial, so you can send and receive text messages for free for up to 15 days. The trial provides access to TextPort’s other features, making it easy to try before you buy.

TextPort offers dedicated virtual phone numbers. You can choose from thousands of numbers across all U.S. Area codes. Numbers can be leased for a period as short as one day, up to 2 years. If you just need a number to send or receive text messages for a short period, TextPort has you covered.

TextPort offers advanced services like bulk texting and an SMS API. Bulk texting (or Bulk SMS) is ideal for business communications, especially marketing. TextPort Bulk SMS makes it simple to upload a list of numbers and messages from an Excel or CSV file, then send them to multiple recipients at once. Bulk SMS not an available feature on a standard mobile phones, so online texting is an ideal method of sending bulk texts

For developers, TextPort’s SMS API makes it easy to integrate text messaging into you own local application. Anyone familiar with REST APIs will find the TextPort SMS API straight-forward to set-up and use.

Visit TextPort and send a text for free. Keep in mind that the free service is limited to sending messages to subscribers on U.S. mobile phones only. Most-importantly, if you’re going to send a message to someone, don’t send anything that would wouldn’t want to receive yourself. Be kind and respectful. You will be able to send up to 4 messages to each recipient from a number of your choice. If you need to send more, simply sign up for a free trial.

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