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Seven Qualities about Durian Fruit You Ought to Know



Small, hardy, but divisive Southeast Asian snack that’s popular in the region never found any small Durian fruits. However-it is an experience that you certainly won’t forget once you have tried the stinky fruit. Everyday fresh Durian Delivery is served directly from the farm at Durian Bear. They have selected the highest quality of King of Fruits by hands and they only serve durian, which smells amazing and tastes fantastic. They make sure today you’re going to get yours!

It has a distinctive look and a more unforgettable aroma

Durian fruit is typically slightly oval, long by a foot and surrounded by stunning looks. The fruit will weigh from two to seven pounds, which is heavy enough to potentially pierce the skin by holding it in your hands on the fruit body instead of the stem. Yet another of its characteristics, the smell, demeans its outside-world presence. Durians have a solid, classy smell that flows into the external shell and lasts for long after the fruit is removed.

Super Fruit

Given the seed, durian is incredibly nutritious, even more than many other fruits. Of note, the durian rich in iron, vitamin C or potassium enhances the strength of the muscles, skin’s health and blood pressure. In addition, a small durian provides 23 g of dietary fiber, almost all of your daily food needs. However, it is necessary to avoid eating them excessively, as Malaysian politician Ahmad Lai Bujang was taken to the hospital in 2010 after being breathless and dizzy.

Current and Older

In a very short time, the fruit changes dramatically. Once early picked, it was almost considered to be a vegetable, since the flesh is tough, simple to handle and not sweet. Those who like to eat durian tend to like the fruit to over-ripen as the citrus and sweet flavors. The fruit is messier with a consistency comparable to sour cream at that point. Durians are usually eaten after falling on their own, but hardy farms sometimes harvest their fruits earlier, so that they can be shipped outside the world.

Many Kinds

There are approximately 30 different durian varieties. The fruit originates from Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo but today durian farming is operating in Sri Lanka, South India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hainan and South China. Thailand is currently the largest producer of fruit and home to several Durian farms growing more varieties than the initial locations.

It’s almost hard to explain the taste and smell

There are travel authors who have been trying for over a century to convey the taste and smell of the durian and yet we are not so similar that we can helpfully convey this to someone whose special taste and smell we’ve never had. Alfred Russel Wallace sent Sir William Jackson Hooker a letter in 1856 describing the fruit as’ the best general idea of the rich custard heavily flavored with almonds, but it is often wafted in the flavor of cream cheese, onion soup, sherry, or other incongruous dishes.

Architectural Inspiration

The national fruit of Singapore is the durian, it inspires architecture. The Esplanade building next to Marina Bay started as two glass bottles, but the buildings took on the look of a durian cut in half after the design was changed to cover buildings with pointed aluminum shades.

The king of fruit

whether because of its size or because of its taste, it weights up to 7 pounds, durian is also called the king of fruit by people in South-East Asia. Durians are not only dangerous when it falls, they need very different soil components, and also the most expensive fruit is probably the durians for shipping because of the difficulty of growing durians. The Chinese find the durian and mangos teen to be king and queens of fruit because of their opposite flavors, the durian is soft because of its sparkling scent and rich consistency, but the mangos teen’s juicy flesh and acidic taste.