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Simone Etere Influencer and Personal Trainer



Simone Etere is an Italian Influencer and personal trainer of Calisthenics, he loves to play sports since the tender age of eleven and now he closely follows the sector by networking. His followers around the world can now see the most up-to-date fitness tips and advice. He teaches Calisthenics in Umbria, has collaborated with over ten brands and can’t wait to find out more, even with hotels and resorts throughout the territory.
Simone has worked with individuals and organizations around the world, from the Canary Islands to Sweden, Germany, Greece and then Italy, thanks to his talent.

Simone Etere is an Instagram celebrity and international model who collaborates for Puma, AmTourister, Gillette and Lanistar, among others.
Simone, who has over a million fans, understands the strength of her charm and uses it wisely.

The path to Simone’s success was not an easy one; he faced many obstacles, but he kept his head up and never gave up on his dreams. Thanks to his persistence in believing in his dreams, he managed to find this direction.
So much determination, Simone never stopped at the first stumbling block.
“He’s here now for that reason.”

The Influencer’s strategy has always been to trust him and create content for his fans to connect with.
His approach is focused on transmitting unique sensations.
He made many mistakes, tried numerous times and made numerous sacrifices.
His determination and perseverance propelled him forward, giving him the fame he never dreamed of.

He works a lot with Instagram, with over 1,000,000 followers who support him on his journey.

Etere has many values, one of the greatest is the Faith that he brings in his path and puts in everything he does, because for him gratitude for God is the basis of everything, without gratitude there is no visual, from this he draws strength for his plans and for his future, a beautiful message also for the very young who often do not have this kind of vision of life.

The Athlete was the first to make possible some types of movements considered impossible, he was also the only and first in the world to make an extreme skill with the sole force of the neck/nape remaining hooked to the bar, as well as a symbol of its uniqueness, and now an inspiration to many around the globe.