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Simple Bathroom DIY Ideas



Washroom, powder room, restroom; these are the various names people choose to call their bathrooms. Each comes with different connotations. For what’s worth, bathrooms can be so much more than places you go to clean yourself. They can also be a sanctuary—a place to relax, converse with your thoughts and clear your head. Therefore, it’s important to invest some planning and aesthetic efforts into your bathroom to make it more inviting and comfortable. Here are some simple bathroom DIY ideas to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. 

Theme Your Floor And Your Ceiling 

Maintaining a mirror reflection between your floor and ceiling is one of the commonest interior design tricks. What’s better is the thousands of interior design videos on YouTube to help you actualize plans if you choose to go DIY.

Flooring can be a great way to make your bathroom look more luxurious and dreamy. Several flooring materials and design options exist, but you can try these Victorian flooring tiles if you prefer tiled bathroom floors. You can also complement the Victorian style with rich and dreamy themes for your ceiling. 

Invest In Simple Storage Solutions 

Clutter in your bathroom can make it uncomfortable, especially if you’re pressed for space. The solution to declutter your bathroom isn’t always remodeling or expanding the space. Sometimes, a simple farm box or wooden crate is all you need to keep your bathroom organized. The farmhouse-inspired look adds a rustic feel to your bathroom. 

Paint Your Bathroom

Investing in a paint job can bring the bathroom of your dreams back to life. It can be a great way to brighten up your bathroom if you’re on a tight budget. Paint jobs have become easier thanks to already mixed colors being sold at the store. Furthermore, you won’t need a professional to tell you the quantities of green and blue you need to get a teal color. There are as many painting styles as DIY painting videos on Youtube. Going minimalistic with your paint job can be your best bet if you’re lost for choice. 

Change Your Bathroom Fixtures And Features

Improving your bathroom’s look can be as simple as changing toilet roll holders and shampoo holders. Adding these essential features to your bathroom can give it an exotic look. Other DIY installing features to consider are new showerheads and non-plumbed towel rails.

Throw In Some Plants

Plants can never get boring or go out of vogue, and you can throw in plants everywhere around your house. Often, many homeowners run with the misconception that plants are better off outside in the garden and along walkways. However, experts claim that bringing plants into outdoor spaces can enhance moods and significantly impact homeowners’ mental and overall health. 

Overall, plants make your bathroom bright and can also act as natural humidifiers for your bathroom. TIlandsia, aloe vera, snake, and spider plants can be worthy suggestions to nurture in your bathroom. 

All in all, your bathroom can be anything you want, from where you cool your head to a charging pot for ramping up new day energies. These DIY tips can help you actualize the functional and comfortable bathroom of your dreams.