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Best 6 Sites like VIPBox for Streaming Live Sports



Sites like VIPBox : Sports is considered to be one of those categories which is liked and appreciated by not thousands but millions in this world. These sports fanatics opt for TV to watch events, tournaments, etc. However, there are many out there who prefer online streaming for live events.

Regarding that, there are sites which had been excellent in providing sports channels from different parts of the world. But then there are websites like VIPBox that are not functional anymore. This article is for sports junkies who are looking out for the best sports content that is similar to VIPBox.

Let’s check out some of the best and most authentic sites that have only sports content.

Best Websites Similar to VIPBox

Sites that are mentioned below are those which actually has content like VIPBox. In fact, there are some websites which are even better than VIPBox.

Let’s start…

Motorsports Stream

For all those individuals who are die-hard fans of cars, bikes, and other vehicles, we have a site that shows content related to motor sports and nothing else. That website is called Motorsports Stream.

It is said that Motorsports Stream is a website that is dedicated to every automobile you can think of; and one thing that makes it unique is the huge data related to same – engine-based sports. Also, it is noticed that it is a site for those who want to watch events and shows related to motor sports LIVE without any issues.

You being the sports person can actually fall in love with this site majorly due to the fact that they have a collection which includes NASCAR, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Daytona 500 type of events.

If these pros aren’t enough to justify that Motorsports Stream is the best one for you, then you must know that there are multiple servers that work as an alternative solution to a broken link. Motorsports Stream shows exactly what should be expected – all the upcoming events in the following week or month. Last but not least, it has high resolution and live to stream. All these constitute in making it the best of the best website.


The second option that you have and can avail in place of VIPBox is Streamhunter. It is a site that facilitates sports lovers to watch online shows and events that are live. It is similar to VIPBox because Streamhunter has covered and covers almost everything that is related to sports (particularly in the US).

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When it comes to navigation and reaching the right content, Streamhunter doesn’t fail you a bit. Despite the fact that it facilitates users with a lot of good content, there are few drawbacks. What are they? Well, the first disadvantage is that it doesn’t cover ALL events. Secondly is not good for those who are crazy about “Curling” or sports that are like “Curling”. Nevertheless, American football, basketball, baseball, and similar sports are uploaded on Streamhunter.


Another site which we would like to recommend you is SportRAR.TV. It is known for the live sports streaming, it lets you watch finished games, and also notifies about the upcoming games.

Beside all these features, it also helps you in changing the time zone so that you can be notified about the time when the next show will get aired. An interesting feature of this website which is not present in major websites is that it lets you stream online live games and sports from other TV channels too.

This feature definitely helps in staying updated. Missing out anything seems difficult through SportRAR.TV. Here, on this site, you can easily watch sports that may include baseball, tennis, hockey, basketball, etc.

Another substitute to VIPBox is – a site for sports that is purely based on Austrian content. is not a very old site, it was launched in the year 2001, in Austria, Vienna. The main catch of the site, however, is restricted to motorsports and water sports, and sports played in winters.

There are other types of sports too which are added on this website though. One feature that gets high appreciation is about live streaming. That includes time left in starting next live sports or games too. also reformed live streaming on smart mobile phones.

We said that because it was the first sports live streaming website which had an application for Android devices. Moreover, this website supports live sports and its streaming from other sites too. Quality and choices presented in this website are of high level. Therefore, this is one of the best websites for online streaming related to sports events and games.


So, the next in line is FuboTV. It is another website that is considered to be the best online streaming site for sports and channels other than sports too. Reasons that make it best rely on several features. Those include updating of content on a regular format.

FuboTV also has high-resolution content for individuals who have subscribed. Besides that, you must know that the site is only for people who have bought a monthly subscription.

Once you buy the subscription, a number of advantages could be sought. From unlimited access to getting to watch a favorite sports team, everything could be watched online. Therefore, FuboTV is one of the better options to enjoy similar content that was shared on VIPBox.


On number six we have LiveTV; a site that is a great alternative to VIPBox. This is a site where primarily sports can be watched online through live streaming.

A feature that stands this website out is about statistics of different teams to make the event more interesting and entertaining. In addition to this, LiveTV hosts games/sports that include particularly football. In short, LiveTV is highly recommended to football lovers. The reason given is that LiveTV is all about coverage of real-time games.

Last Verdict – Which is the Best Alternate to VIPBox?

All in all, it is clear that there are certain websites which are just like VIPBox. Then, there are those which are slightly better than VIPBox. In any situation, good or bad, they have their say in the world of sports for which they are known. If you want to go with a paid content then there is an option for that too.

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