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Sliding shutters: What You Need to Know



The shutters bring a modern look to the home and protect against the elements. Among the various variations that exist, the sliding shutter is distinguished by its opening system. While the sliding shutter adds charm to your home, it’s important to consider multiple factors before choosing a model. Discover in this article how to choose its sliding shutters.

The type of opening

When choosing your sliding exterior shutters, it is important to consider certain factors. The type of opening of the shutter is important and you must choose it according to your needs. There are two types of opening, namely the foldable sliding shutter and the sliding shutter. The foldable sliding shutter is ideal if you have narrow façades. As for the sliding shutter, it is ideal for large areas. If you are looking for shutters for large windows, do not hesitate to opt for this system. The latter will perfectly protect a large bay window from the weather. In addition, you have to choose between manual or motorized opening for your sliding shutters. For more detail click here.

The type of material

The sliding shutter dresses the facade and plays several other roles. Among the criteria to consider for his choice, the type of material. You have the choice between wood, PVC or aluminum. For those who prefer durability, PVC is the ideal choice. This material is known for its great durability. In addition to being durable, PVC is easy to maintain. It should nevertheless be emphasized that PVC is not a good solution for large stores. In addition, those looking for excellent thermal insulation can opt for the sliding wooden shutter. This type of material withstands bad weather. However, care must be taken to ensure its regular maintenance to make it sustainable. Finally, the sliding aluminum shutter is known for its strength and durability. In addition, you have a great choice with regard to colors.

Choose according to the budget

The choice of your sliding shutter must be made according to your budget. It is important to avoid shutters sold at a low price. These may not meet your needs. Do not hesitate to inquire sufficiently to have a clear idea of ​​the prices of the shutters and their performances.

The sliding shutter plays a very big role. Its choice must be determined by several criteria including the type of opening, the material and the budget. For any concerns related to the choice of your sliding shutter, do not hesitate to consult the directory of the site to find a qualified professional.

What material for its shutters?

The shutters are still the most classic solution for closing windows and windows. Traditionalists will prefer wooden shutters, especially since it is now possible to choose from different types of wood. Modernists will opt for aluminum or PVC shutters.

Aluminum and PVC shutters

The aluminum shutters have a contemporary look ideal for newer constructions. It is very stable over time and does not require any particular maintenance. Their lightness makes them easy to maneuver, especially for large shutters (large windows, bay windows) where the weight could be an obstacle. On the other hand, they are only very insulating, which can be troublesome in cold regions.

Wooden shutters

Wood remains the material of choice for shutters. It offers good insulation, which protects the house or apartment from winter cold (or summer heat waves by closing the shutters on the sun side during the hottest days). The traditional appearance of the wooden shutters is particularly suited to old homes or neo-traditional houses. The different types of wood can now also vary the aesthetic effects, thanks to the availability of exotic woods such as teak. The only drawback of wood is that it requires regular maintenance, including the application of preventive fungicide treatments.

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