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The production of liquid for electronic cigarettes is a phased opening of a vape business. Every year more and more people switch from classic tobacco smoking to vaping. The tendency is most pronounced among young people. There are several reasons for this – the increase in the cost of conventional cigarettes and the adherence to fashion among the younger generation. Some vape to soften the addiction from cigarettes, while others use e-cigarettes with nicotine liquids to heighten the bombast of the smoking process itself. You can get from any wholesale smoke shop supply easily.

Today, we will talk about the production of liquid for electronic cigarettes and whether it can bring money to an entrepreneur in 2019-2020. The article will consider both an industrial version of production and a home one.

  • E-liquid products

Electronic cigarettes are now at their peak of popularity. High demand creates supply, and this also applies to vaping liquids. If the market was filled only with foreign production a couple of years ago, now, you can find large points of sale in almost any city of our state. E-liquid is a liquid made from chemical components that are used in the process of inhaling/exhaling vapor from the device. You will not find a single recipe and the production technology of this product on the market.

Each manufacturer brings its individuality, making the product unique. Of course, not every experiment is crowned with success. Therefore, only those who are well versed in this niche should be engaged in producing vaping liquids. Components can the liquid contain:

  • Distilled water, which is used to dilute the slurry and give it the required consistency
  • Propylene glycol, which is an element of the binder of all chemical additives. At its core, it is the basis of vaping liquid.
  • Nicotine component. It is used in the production of liquid for heavy smokers. The purchased product must be of high quality and clean, without any auxiliary impurities.
  • Flavors. From the point of view of production technology, the component is not required. Still, if we consider the demand market, then it is almost impossible to create a unique product without aromatic additives.

Another feature of cigarette liquids is the optional nicotine supplement. Initially, vapes were created to reduce the number of smokers since there was no nicotine in their base. When the market began to be massively filled with demand, nicotine liquids for electronic smoking devices began to appear.

A business plan is an integral part of any business since this document allows you to present the stages of production on paper & provides a detailed visualization of all cost items that may be required at the start. We are no longer talking about the miscalculation of the revenue side and profitability in general. If a person has only an idea and wants to attract investment from outside, then planning and planning will not be enough.