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Soon to Launch HUH Token :What Does It Mean to Be Bullish or Bearish in Crypto?



“Bearish” and “Bullish” are headline words used in most crypto conversations. While the use of these two terms depends on the user’s financial experience and knowledge, they generally have one meaning. The big question is, what do these two terms mean in crypto? And what this could mean for HUH Token.

In the simplest terms, Bearish and Bullish are market sentiments as expressed by any individual. We will say an asset or token is bullish when we expect such a token to have a price increase. On the contrary, bearish means an anticipated fall in price. 

Anyone holding a Bullish position is called a “Bull,” while investors anticipating a price fall are called “bears.”

You might be wondering why animals are used to represent such market sentiments. Technically, the answer is due to how bulls and bears attack their prey. While Bulls attack from bottom to top, boring their targets with their horns, Bears, on the contrary, attack from top to bottom, using their arms and weight.

Others also believe the terminologies stem from bearskin dealings from the past. According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, bullish is used when investors feel positive and confident about the future, while bearish means expecting a price fall in shares. 

Bearish or Bullish, How Do You Make Profit?

When trading within the cryptocurrency market, you should ensure you buy when the price is bearish and sell when the market is bullish. That is, you buy a crypto asset when such an asset is in its least possible price, according to your analysis, and sell when the coin reaches its peak price, according to your analysis. 

You can make profits from both bearish and bullish positions; what matters is having an excellent entry into the market; otherwise, you might be the “idiot” going against the trend.

While most well-established cryptocurrencies already have higher prices, another way to make massive profits in crypto is to invest in new coins. Most of these tokens are priced extremely low to encourage investors, then experience sporadic price increase after listing on top exchanges or major news, etc. One of such new tokens to consider is the HUH token.

What is HUH Token?

HUH Token is an emerging token leveraging blockchain technology, that is planning to modernize traditional finance and make everyone in their community gain amazing rewards. The founders state that  the Token was created to serve as a major source of passive income for the HUH community. 

As a smart yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain Network, BSC, the HUH project targets everyone and looks like it might have the potential to be a bull in this market.

The HUH team explores an automated referral system strategy to maximize growth.  The founders aim to exponentially grow the HUH Token community using the referral program.  This system also encourages investors to hold the coin for the long term, minimizing the risk of major price movements and swings.

The 2-tier referral system benefits both the referrer and the referee, making it a worthwhile venture for both parties. When you refer anyone using a unique referral code, you receive 10% BNB on the initial purchase of the referee directly into your wallet and both are rewarded with a permanent reduction in the sell tax from 20% to 10%. If your referee also refers another individual, you will still earn a 2% redistribution from the third individual that was refereed.

The amount of referrals that someone can make with their code is limitless, thus making the benefits limitless. 

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