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SOUL, Twickenham Coffee Shop, Good coffee, excellent food and relaxing decor



SOUL Twickenham is undeniably one of the public’s favorite places to grab a coffee. Interiors are stylish, relaxing give a desire for a cup of coffee. Some of the SOUL’s single-origin coffees are certified organic and ethically sourced which is an addition to the taste. The company behind SOUL, Possible Green Ltd is also a roster and whole seller of coffee.

Combining a warm and welcoming atmosphere with expertly prepared coffee, it’s little wonder that SOIUL  is one of the best coffee shops in the UK.

They also have an entire section of the counter to vegan baked pastries such as Vegan cranberry and almond croissants along with vegan cinnamon bun, turmeric cake, banana loaf cake, and much more.

SOUL has taken this popular lunchtime sandwiches and food to the next level.  Customers were enjoying Avocado egg benedict and SOUL’s brunch. The classic version of BLT twisted with nutmeg and other filling ingredients. The sandwiches are served with a delicious superfood salad.

Foods are made with love and care.

SOUL is beyond a generic coffee shop.  Run by a team that’s dedicated to always giving you the very best coffee, tea and food, and experience. Teas aren’t served with soaking bags.  Mint, peach, and even breakfast teas are served as loose leaves in a creative manner.

The team envisioned SOUL as an alternative eating culture, where you can feel like you’re at home while eating and drinking items that are professionally, but lovingly prepared.

SOUL Twickenham offers a wonderful variety of healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices to help you cleanse, rejuvenate, and glow. They also offer a selection of  Shots that are quick boosts to try and get your metabolism working or detox your body.


Instagram : soultwickenham

Address : SOUL, 149, Heath Road, Twickenham, TW1 4BH

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