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Spending Time Outdoors Is Vital To Our Happiness



No one doubts that being protected is one of our basic needs as human beings, but staying indoors or at work all day can fuel anxiety, insomnia, and that all-too-familiar feeling that people have of not being destined to spend all day indoors, missing out on much of what life has to offer. Actually, leaving home and living outside is something very necessary.

Health Benefits That Show How Spending Time Outdoors Is Vital To Our Happiness

Sun exposure calibrates our biological clock, through which basically everything from appetite to sleep schedules is regulated. According to a study by the director of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the University of Colorado, that spending more time outdoor will regulate the energy levels and it also normalizes the state of mind. This is why doctors advise people living in colder, cloudier climates to take vitamin D to make up for lack of sun exposure.

To Take Vitamin D

When your body produces more vitamin D, it regulates your immune system and makes you happier in general. It is also crucial for a healthy heart. Long nights at work have been connected to health and wellbeing issues, as well as an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, substance misuse, depression, and other disorders, according to the study.

And no, going outdoors is not the same as sitting under artificial light.

The ideal, is to spend at least 45 minutes outdoors in the morning. For example, on the way to work, or taking a break to eat and do it outdoors… The body absorbs sunlight through the retina and the skin, improving our mood and mental health in general, reducing stress, as well as being associated with less physical pain recorded in people who spend more time outdoors. 

To Relax and Increase Concentration

Being outside also encourages mindfulness and allows you to focus on the environment in front of you, rather than thoughts and feelings within yourself. It forces you to relax and increase concentration, which leads to greater clarity.

It could be said that spending time outdoors is a highly recommended form of therapy, since it allows you to disconnect from negative and stressful factors.

It is true that your concentration will improve if you exercise outside. Researchers recently discovered that even sitting outside without exercising can help you focus. The greenery of the environment is important.

Other Benefits Associated With Spending Time Outdoors:

  • Improves short-term memory
  • Leads to better vision
  • increased creativity
  • Increases self-esteem
  • It encourages you to take things slowly
  • Spending time in nature can help to decrease blood pressure.
  • It can help to lessen inflammation.
  • Being outside is beneficial to one’s eyesight.
  • Sleep is improved by spending time outside.

So, you know, commit to getting outdoors. Find any excuse to walk. It’s not so much about getting a lot of exercise, although exercise is an added bonus, but about sunbathing. Much of the problem is that we associate the outdoors with physical activity, but it’s not always about our weight or diet. It’s just about being happy.