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Style Secrets you can Steal from Supermodel Karan “KO” Oberoi



Style according to me is anything pulled off so well that people look forward to dressing like you or be like you” says super model Karan Oberoi, who has worked with some of the best designers and fashion labels.   He’s one of the models who has overwhelmed people with his sense of style and personality.  Karan is not just a man who has a great physique, but at the same time has a killer dressing sense. This top-ranked model from India has mesmerized people all around the world especially the ones who follow him on his social media handles.  In this article we shall be sharing some style secrets that KO believes in which might help you to dress somewhere close to India’s top male model  Karan “KO” Oberoi:

Don’t be afraid to imitate, the fact is when you imitate obviously something from that is transformed which creates something different and helps you create your own style. Like actors keep watching movies to groom their acting skills so do models say Karan, they keep looking at how the icons of style around the world dress, they read a lot of fashion magazines to update themselves to help them recreate something from it.

Most importantly make sure you look neat and clean, your hair should be nicely combed with wet gel or wax. The beard needs to be minimal, nicely trimmed and you need to smell good which gives an edge to the personality over other men, even if they may have a better style or clothes you are wearing.

Importance of accessorizing, it’s important that you accessorize but make sure you keep it minimal. A man is judged by the shoe he wears, the watch, the belt and definitely your tie needs to be more than an ordinary if you are dressing in a suit.

The importance of colors should never be underestimated, like the way Karan is wearing a red tie with a blue blazer in some of the pics I saw making him stand out. The pinch of color should be added in every set of clothes you wear.

Never be afraid to experiment with your hair cuts, until you try you shall never come to know what suits you the best, so keep in mind what profession you are in, you can experiment with your styles.