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Successful Afghan entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tabaz Noori walks alongside 400+ people in Queens Park!



Time to speak out. Stop killing Afghans

The media thrives in hiding the real issues occurring to the afghan diaspora in Iran

We stand in solidarity with our black sisters and brothers against systemic oppression andante black racism in Canada and around the world which has been ongoing for the past 400 years.We recognize the pain,fear, and anger the community feels over repeated instances of police brutaliy and racial violence. We stand in demanding justice for black lives. We must acknowledge that as a community. We need to do better.We must step up and actively address anti-black racism in the Afghan community.We must question our own participation and complicity in anti-black racism,starting with our friends and family. Let us take the time to listen,reas,learn,and reflect on our own biases and stereotypes.We must make a commitment to eradicate anti-black racism in our community.We ask our community to refrain from using “#ALLlivesMatters” and #Afghan Lives matters When discussing and raising awareness relating to the oppression of Afghans in Iran.please stop co-opting #black lives matters, as it is extremely insensitive.Do  not partake in the same actions of other hate ful groups and white supremacist who use those hashtags to discredit the BLM movement.use of those hashtags is dangerous and a contradiction to our efforts in being allies to the Black community. Stop grasping at comparisons between our struggles because they are not the same. Do not partake in minimizing the powerful impact of the BLM movement.We understand that the Afghan community is also in pain.However engaging in conversation and raising awareness can be done in a respectful manner that does not include diluting other movements for our own gain please engage in using alternatives such as #Stop killing afghans.

Tabaz Noori

Tabaz Noori alongside SKA Toronto organized a peaceful and successful protest/rally for Afghans in Queens Park in Downtown, Toronto


SKA Toronto is not an organization. We are not affiliated with any association,group. And/or organization.We are simply a group of young inspired Afghans committed to raising awareness around the oppression and injustice experienced by Afghan migrants and asylum seekers in iran and around the world.


To engage in spreading awareness and intensifying conversation around the injustice and oppression of Afghan asylum seekers in Iran. Our aim is to mobilize as a community and demand accountability,justice and change for our fellow Afghan sisters and brothers so that they may live peacefully in iran and around the world


SKA Toronto has filed a Notice of demonstration and it has been approved. A permit in writing has been issued by the city of Toronto and Toronto police Service to proceed in our fight against injustice and oppression in iran and around the world We look forward to seeing you all there

Defend your country.
Stand up for your people.
Let your voice be heard.