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Surefire Ways to Get Your Songs on Air for Musicians by Sound Gems Records.



Social media has surely decreased the significance of radio, but this means of communication still has a definite place in the industry. If you are new in the field and want to grow with impeccable results, the following strategies will help you secure your place in the industry and grow your fan base. Follow the strategies and add your charisma to enhance your reach through your local and national radio stations.

Solid musical project

You must show professionalism and provide the following information and methods to increase the goodwill among your listeners.

  • Strong and singular visual identity
  • Biography presenting your project
  • Information regarding your background
  • Be active on social media accounts
  • Impeccable quality recordings
  • Go for .wav, 16bits,
  • The frequency should be 44100htz
  • Write metadata of your tracks
  • Provide complete digital information
  • Title, producer, and ISRC code
  • Always mention author and composer

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Right single for the radio

You should approach the radio with the song that has your signature all over it. The song should have passed from all the steps and processes with distinction. The radio station will help you reach the listeners, and your masterpiece should be the only thing that should reach the listeners for the first time. The old-age saying first impression is the last is also held true here. You need to preset a high-quality song that is processed with utmost care and effort to the listeners who will have a lasting impression on their memories regarding your song. A low-quality song with noise or other distortions will create a bad reputation, and you will not be able to thrive and survive in the industry.

Respect radio formats

It is not the case that you should restrict your creation according to the format of the desired radio channel. But when you don’t make experiments that make you go beyond the air time of the track, it will help you secure your place as well. Different radio stations are offering different time slots to tracks. The variation could be from two minutes and thirty seconds to a full four-minute track. You can make your content according to the radio station format, and your chances of getting on air will be enhanced. The audience will be genuine, and you will get your chance of being more popular.

Take quotas into account

Quota is another privilege to the music creators that helps them secure a place on the radio. Various radio stations have different quota systems that offer opportunities to create specific music content in a specific language. For example, the law in France forces all the radio channels to air music with 40% of content that is made in the French language. This law forces radio stations to air content from new musicians and producers. If you love country music and are an ardent producer, different radio channels will give you a special place for the special music. Go for this opportunity and secure your pace in the first few months of your decision to go public.

Choose the right radio

Like musicians, radio stations also have their own personality genres and categories to air music to listeners. If you want to survive in the industry, you must stick to the single music category; the same goes for the radio station. They also stick to this strategy and you must consider this fact before choosing the radio station for your music. You cannot offer reggae music to the famous radio station for presenting heavy metal music to the listeners. The best approach is to look for a radio station with a fan base and listener pool according to your music category. This approach will help you reach a real audience who will appreciate your music and surely search you on the internet to show their love.

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