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Taylor Swift asks the vote for the Democrats and Trump responds: “I like your music”



Singer Taylor Swift has broken her silence on US policy by saying that in the midterm elections she will vote for Democratic candidates, and has explained that she has always voted on the basis of which candidate will protect human rights.

Swift has written on Instagram, where he has 112 million followers: “I have always voted and I will vote considering which candidate will protect and fight for Human Rights. In addition, he has considered that “the systemic racism that we still see in this country towards people of color is frightening, sickly and prevalent”.

Taylor Swift Calls Out Donald Trump, who will vote on November 6 in the state of Tennessee, has indicated that “in the past” she was always “reluctant” to publicly express her political opinions, but added that due to “several events” in her life and in the world during “the last two years”, now feels “very different”.

“I cannot vote,” he said, “for someone who is not willing to fight for the dignity of ALL Americans, whatever their skin color, gender or whoever they love,” Taylor Swift Calls Out Donald Trump.

The actress has also announced that her vote will be for Democrats Phil Bredesen in the Senate and for Jim Cooper in the House of Representatives.

Swift recalls that Republican Marsha Blackburn is in the Senate for her state, but “as much as she has done in the past” and would like to continue voting for women in office, she cannot support it. The record of Blackburn’s vote in Congress “terrifies” the actress, 28 years.

“Voted against wage equality for women, voted against the law against violence against women, which seeks to protect women from domestic violence, harassment and rape, and believes that companies have the right to denying services to homosexual couples and that they should not have the right to marry, these are not my Tennessee values, “he said.

Thus, Swift has asked the citizens: “Please, please, inform yourself about the candidates that present themselves in your state and vote on the basis of who represents your values ​​the most”.

The president of the USA, Donald Trump, has not remained before the comments of Swift: “Let’s say that now the music of Taylor I like a 25 percent less, of agreement?”

The president has defended the “very good work” of Blackburn in Tennessee and has been “sure that Taylor Swift does not know anything about her”

Taylor Swift expresses her political opinion and supports a Democratic candidate

The singer had already been criticized for not positioning herself during the 2016 presidential elections in the US. The singer Taylor Swift has spoken for the first time on political issues. He did it this Sunday, declaring that he will support Phil Bredesen, the Democratic candidate to represent Tennessee (USA) in the Senate.

“In the past, I have avoided issuing my personal opinions on politics, but due to several events that have taken place in my life and in the world. The singer had already been publicly criticized for not positioning herself during the 2016 presidential elections in the United States.

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