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Temporary Phone Number Versus Permanent Phone Number



What Is A Permanent Phone Number?

A permanent phone number can be a number you currently use or keep permanent for your personal use. It can also be a number that you use less frequently as it is a private and permanent number. Majority of the people are very selective about whom they share their permanent numbers with. As the permanent numbers act as a unique identity and hold databases of all the ages-old data.

What Is A Temporary Phone Number?

A temporary number is a virtual number issued for a brief period by a service provider. Calls to the provisional number are simply forwarded to the customer’s actual telephone number. The whole process is managed by a smartphone application or internet calls via a forwarding facility. A provisional number helps people to accept SMS, voicemails, and calls from individuals around the world, and so forth.

Use Of A Permanent Number

A permanent number is usually used for private affairs. As said earlier, people do not share their permanent numbers with everyone. They are highly selective in exchanging permanent numbers with people. Permanent numbers are mostly shared with family relatives and close friends to stay in touch forever. People do not intend to change their permanent numbers on their own will.

Use Of A Temporary Number

People tend to use temp phone number when they refrain from sharing their personal or permanent number with people. Temporary phone numbers serve as an ideal way of keeping the security and anonymity of a customer safe. These numbers may also help retain mobile anonymity and security for online dating and other occasions where strangers contact individuals.

Comparing The Cost Aspect!

When it comes to a permanent number, first people have to pay for a registered number from a service provider. Then they opt for different cost plans according to their usage that are prepaid and postpaid. The prepaid method implies that the amount must be paid before using the service, whereas, in postpaid, the amount is billed after using the service.

For a temporary number, the sum different service providers charge caries according to their service and features. Some charge a hefty amount as the features include unlimited SMS and storage options. Whereas, others charge a comparably less amount.


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Final Verdict

A permanent phone number is undoubtedly necessary to stay in touch and informed about relatives and close friends. A temporary phone number is increasingly becoming the need of the hour as the involvement of digital world with the real world has multiplied. Furthermore, security and privacy concerns have also made temporary number a helpful and essential tool to safeguard your privacy.