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Ten tips for finding a job



1. Find the job that suits you
That sounds logical, but many people look for jobs that do not suit them at all. Or because they are above their level, or just below! Before you apply, you must first look carefully at yourself: who am, what can I do and, above all, what do I want. Do you want to know more about certain professions? Then use the Career tools of

2. Check your CV
Is your CV still up-to-date and do your qualities come to the fore? Explain clearly what you have done in your previous jobs and emphasize your special qualities. In any case, make sure that you have your CV online on a good job site. This doubles your chances of being found.

3. Use your (online) network
Most jobs are still found through family, friends or acquaintances. In other words, your network. Make good use of that when finding your dream job. Ten know more than one. Therefore, you should also register site such as Linkedin, Facebook and even can help you get a job!

4. Save a search
No time to search for jobs every day? Save your search . Then you will receive the latest vacancies directly in your mailbox. Of course only those vacancies that are suitable for you, for example in the real estate sector . This way you ensure that that dream job does not pass you by.

5. Less is more!
It is advisable not to have too many applications running at the same time. Otherwise, you cannot fully focus your attention on it and put all your energy into it. It is hard to imagine that you can find so many jobs where you would like to work. So focus on the most important (about three) and make sure you go all out!

6. Write a good motivation
Do you know that companies find it very important that candidates also send a motivation letter? This is a short enthusiastic explanation of why you are responding specifically to this vacancy. Therefore, explain briefly but clearly why you choose that one position at that one company. Companies like to hear how important you think they are!

7.  Know the Company
When applying for a job, it is crucial that you have immersed yourself in the company. Not only for your motivation letter, but also if you have an interview later. The more you know, the better you can explain why you want to work there and the more the company feels that you are the enthusiastic candidate they are looking for. Therefore, always check the company’s website and look on search engines for the latest news.

8. Prepare for the questions
During an interview you will almost always be confronted with a number of standard questions. If you prepare all these questions well, you will come across as convincing and you can even slowly pull the conversation towards you. Moreover, you can bring out your enthusiasm even more. Look herefor some common questions with answers.

9. Arrive on time
You can only have a good conversation if you are well prepared. Make sure that all preconditions are properly arranged and that you are not surprised. That only distracts. Therefore make sure that you leave home on time and that you know where the company is located. There is nothing more annoying than having to rush in traffic. Arriving late is completely out of the question. You make a very bad first impression.

10. Watch your attitude
Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. Therefore, pay extra attention to your posture. Give a strong hand when entering, don’t slump on the chair and make sure you make regular eye contact. Also be careful not to speak too much. Giving a comprehensive answer is good, but be to the point.