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The 10 Secrets of the Best Property Brokers



Selling or leasing your own property can be a challenging experience. Most people decide to hire the services of a property broker. However, what should we consider choosing a good broker? In this article, we present the 10 Secrets of the Best Property Brokers to facilitate the selection. Real estate agents have to meet certain criteria to give us confidence. In Toronto condos we have summarized these characteristics in:

  1. Real Estate Exchange

Good property brokers accept real estate swap. Exchange of properties means that a broker shares his commission when another agent brings him a client to buy or lease the property he has published.

While this practice decreases the commission of the broker, it accelerates the speed of the sale and lease. Therefore the exchange is a good thing for us as owners. If we want to hire the best real estate agents, in order to sell or lease in the shortest possible time, it is advisable to avoid these types of property brokers that do not accept real estate exchange.

  1. Exclusivity

Excellent property brokers like Toronto condos work exclusively for a specific period. Exclusivity means that brokers require us to sell or lease the property exclusively with a broker. Exclusivity represents a greater demand on the broker. It has to show greater performance by increasing again the speed of business closure.

  1. Lawyer

Featured property brokers have lawyers specializing in real estate law. Brokers are not legal experts. Only lawyers specializing in real estate issues that are able to make contracts, promises, deeds and title studies correctly.

  1. Notary

The best property brokers work with a trusted notary, which offer preferential values ​​to their clients. A notary of trust is important because it makes the processing of contracts, promises, and deeds more expedited. Thus we avoid long and uncomfortable waiting during the signatures.

  1. Contracts

The very good property brokers work with legalized documents, which are reviewed by a real estate lawyer and signed before a notary. These contracts include the lease, promise of sale and deeds. This requirement gives us as owners the greatest security thus reducing the risk of fraud.

  1. Partiality

The prominent property brokers are partial, defending only the interests of us as the owner of the real estate.

Due to the fact that we hire them, they have to be obliged to close the business in favor of us. They also have to have a spirit of customer service and consider their needs as a top priority.

  1. Communication and Trust

The broker’s professional properties facilitate communication and reliable. In their treatment and communication, they are always honest and transparent. They have a website, company mail or at least a corporate Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Since brokerage businesses involve money, it is highly important to be able to trust the agent. Ideally, we hire a broker that was recommended to us from someone close to us.

  1. Software

The best property brokers use real estate management software. The use of a program focused on property management provides a competitive advantage to brokers. They can manage the sale and lease of our real estate in much less time by also making the corresponding processes transparent.

  1. Real Estate Advice

Good property brokers provide real estate advice. Not only do they try to sell or lease our property, but they provide comprehensive advice according to our profile. To do this, they must take into account our needs, which may be doubts about banks, teachers, lawyers or any matter in relation to the sale or lease.

  1. Certification

Very good property brokers have some certification. They must be certified as a broker in the Association of Property Brokers of Canada or in the National Chamber of Real Estate Services. The alternative is that they have a related degree such as Commercial Engineer or Business Administrator and can demonstrate extensive experience in the real estate market.

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