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The 9 Greatest Comic Books of All-Time



With all the numerous comic books and movies that have been parading our stores and TV over the last decade, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Comic diehards have strong differing opinions with regards to the best comic books of all-time. Considering that you cannot read 100 books to know which one is the best, it’s a good idea to go through this list for excellent suggestions.

1.     Batman – The Dark Knight Returns

The comic book has made it to almost all the top lists of funny movies and stories. It was a top-five on nearly all the listings consistently for a few years after it was published. The book was produced by Frank Miller and illustrated by Klaus Janson and Miller. Its publishing marked the beginning of an era where comic superhero books were no longer something for kids, but rather for adults too.

2.     I Killed Adolf Hitler

The best comic books are often the most simplistic. The brain behind this comic book is a Norwegian cartoonist, Jason, who brings time travel and sci-fi into his low-key world. The storyline is about a hitman from the future that goes back in time to kill Hitler before he unleashes his wave for violence and hate upon the world. If you are into recreating comic books, consider using Morden Bobbleheads. You can order for a Bobbleheads in the form of the hero in this story and place it as a memento in your room. You will be more convinced to get the Bobblehead after reading the humor in this book.

3.     Watchmen

The timing of this incredible comic book was perfect. It was published in 1986 in a bid to incorporate contemporary happenings. Retired superheroes were part of everyday life, and they were responsible for the events of the 20th century. Among them were Nixon’s presidency and the Vietnam War. Due to conflict bi both the authorities and the general public, the Keene Act outlawed them. The story shows two of these heroes working as government-sanctioned agents – Dr. Manhattan and the comedian. The retirees look into the murder of their colleagues as they unearth a massive conspiracy with common effects. The graphic novel continues from there. It was chosen as one of “Time’s 100 Best Novels.”

4.     The Wicked

Not many comics have a beautiful impact as much as this one. The authors take us to a place where 12 deities in the world reincarnate inside the bodies of the living. The process gives them celebrity status and supernatural powers. They only have two years to live with the capabilities, after which they die and start all over again. The drama is presented through the life of a teenage protagonist, Laura Wilson, who is a significant Pantheon star. She spans through several decades and develops into a sophisticated being, by both ethnicity and sexuality. If you are looking for a witty book, this should be at the top of your list.

5.     Annihilation

Marvel Comics decided to unleash the cosmic corner of the Marvel World. They started by launching a mini-series that featured old players and established new characters in the Marvel Universe. The threat that faces the universe is stopped, besides the one targeting the earth. Without knowledge of the regular protectors like X-men and Avengers, the danger might suffice. Annihilation is one of those books that comic fanatics should watch before they die.

6.     Paper Girls

Now that the Comics world is filled with male characters, it’s nice to see female characters rising to the task. “Paper Girls” is based on the storyline of girls that take charge, and this is recognized throughout the series. Erin is a delivery girl that lives in a fictional Cleveland suburb. One day she encounters a team of time-travelers, and her adventures begin. The comic displays a mixture of eras as the squad battles a strange force that puts them in constant conflict. Pick this if you love the idea of a puzzle that alters the future by varying the past.

7.     The Sandman

Surrealism, horror, and dark fantasy come together in this critically acclaimed “Sandman” comic series book. It was published by Vertigo Comics and written by Neil Gaiman. Several artists are behind its creation, such as Sam Keith, Michael Ulli, Marc Hempel, and Shawn McManus. Starting with issue 47, the story was placed under Vertigo imprint. It narrates the story of Dream of the Endless, a character that rules over the world of dreams. The storyline ran from January 1989 to March 1996, spanning over 75 issues.

8.     Punisher Max

As it is expected from Marvel Universe, “The punisher” was toned down when the company tried marketing it to kids as a hip action hero with an array of cool gadgets. When Marvel finally brought the character into its mature MAX line with Garth Ennis as the writer, the spandex costumes were replaced with a devastating arsenal of weaponry and attitude towards others. In this series, the elderly Frank Castle resides in a real-world without superheroes. The punisher later shot and stabbed his way through numerous law-breakers. The personal changes that the one-person war brings make him emotionally crippled and unable to live a regular life.

9.     Daredevil: Born Again

In the early 1980s, the “Daredevil” was on life support. Marvel almost wrote him off because of poor sales and the general indifference. That is when the company introduced a new writer, “Frank Miller.” Frank turned the title from a dying story into one of the best superhero reads of the decade. After the first stint, Miller returned to the book in 1986 with a story titled “Born Again.” It is here that Matt’s life is destroyed by kingpin when he discovers that Murdock is the daredevil.

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