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The advantages and disadvantages of online shopping



Today e-commerce (online shopping) is increasingly popular in people’s lives. In addition to being convenient, online shopping also saves time and costs for users. There are many individuals who are looking for great benefits from online shopping and can say delivery to customers is one of the advantages of this type of purchase.

To easily get an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, for readers to gain more secure online shopping experience, please follow the article below:

What is online shopping?

“Online shopping” is the “online shopping form” through computers, the Internet, indirectly selecting products and goods without having to go to the store. Payment methods of online shopping are diverse: ATM, cash transfer, delivery of money.

Online shopping brings many benefits in a modern society, people do not have much time to go shopping, or the products and goods that need to be purchased online, but online shopping is also potential. Harm to both buyers and sellers.


Avoid The Annoying Troubles

One of the reasons why many people are afraid to go out shopping is to be afraid of traffic jams, smog, heat … That is not to mention you have to squeeze and line up at rush hours in supermarkets or shopping centers shopping.

Online shopping helps you get rid of these troubles. Not only that, you can easily view many products, with all sizes, prices that suit your needs, you can freely choose and compare prices before deciding to buy without spending much time go from place to place to compare prices.

Save And Be Active On Time

For those who are busy, this is the greatest advantage of online shopping services. Instead of wandering for hours at shopping malls, you can sit at home and choose your favorite items by clicking. You only need to take between 15 and 30 minutes to find the item you need.

Not only that, you can also be proactive about the time of shopping. Whenever, whether it’s one o’clock in the afternoon or at twelve o’clock in the evening, you can surf the web and place an order, not depending on the opening hours of shopping malls.

Saving money

Online business models often help shop owners to save significant space costs. This directly helps the price of products sold, which may be significantly lower than similar products at investment stores. If you have researched and sure the product like that, obviously you can save a considerable amount when shopping then.

According to a recent research, women Shoppers tend to make a careful decision when online shopping. There are 62% continue shopping after clicking to the first coupon on the site compared to 70% of men shoppers. However, it can be easy to realize that both two genders show considerable demands in using coupon code to saving money.

Compare Prices Easily

With researching online shopping information, in just a short time with a laptop or smartphone with internet access, you can easily compare the price of the product, as well as the warranty and care policy for for customers of suppliers.

Payment Convenience And Safety

In addition, receiving and paying products (COD form), users can now safely use online payment services such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, WebMoney, Ngan Luong, 123pay …. With the feature of temporary custody payment, absolute protection of buyers providing a variety of payment services, customers can exchange goods, make complaints, suggestions, and get 24/7 support.

Active, Safe In All Situations

When shopping, carrying large sums of money will be very inconvenient and risky for you. That is not to mention you have to carry around the goods and lumbering home. On the other hand, if you shop online, you don’t need to go out with the fear of theft. Goods will be delivered to your home with careful and safe sealing.


Difficult to Test Goods Quality

This is a problem that many people wonder before deciding to shop online. When shopping online, we only see the image of the product, the description of the product is completely of the shop owner, which makes many people wonder about the quality as well as the incorrect description information. true or incomplete.

To overcome this problem, we should only buy from suppliers with clear product images, many images, product information, origin, clear user guides, should only buy genuine products. . If the product you buy is most often electronic goods often have counterfeit goods, you should have discriminatory knowledge to avoid the case of cheap goods that buy fake goods and poor quality goods.

Do Not Trust Sales

There are many unbranded sales units on the market that make users distrust.

Fix: only buy at vendors that have clear warranty and exchange policies, always read the return and exchange warranty policy of a website before making a purchase.

Not Enough Information Needed To Decide A Purchase

Many products that were posted on the suppliers lacked the information that were disturbed before buying. To solve this problem, you should contact the supplier to ask for more clarification, if the supplier does not give specific information, it is best not to buy.

Goods Received Unlike The Description, Or The Incorrect Color

This is a problem many people have purchased, causing anxiety to those who intend to shop online. This problem also happens with well-known e-commerce websites, due to packaging errors, if you encounter this case, you should refuse to receive the goods for products that are not described or required to ship back to If the product is the wrong color, if you have received the goods, please contact customer service for a return. For reputable sites, you will be exchanged and accompanied by a sweet apology, if serious problems are sometimes given a discount voucher.

Complaints At Payment.

Many websites do not support payment on delivery (COD), or high fees when you choose this method. This case happens for small shops, you should choose another store, or only pay via card when confirming the reputation of that shop. Large online shopping websites often have many payment options for you to choose.


  • See other buyers’ reviews about the shop.

* For ebay, see the feedback score, which is calculated based on the buyers’ feedback on all the shop products sold. Positive feedback gets plus points, negative feedback minus points. It also shows the size of the shop because you sell 10 items, if reaching 100% satisfaction, only 10 points; but if you sell 1000 items, 80% positive feedback and 20% negative, you still get 80-20 = 60% points, so the higher the shop score, the bigger the selling scale. In addition, each shop also has information on the percentage of positive feedback.

  • See how many featured products shop (bought a lot).
  • View the shop’s website and evaluate how they organize, the layout, the functions from delivery to support / advice. Some websites are so bad that they posted their Yahoo messenger in the consultation section, and how many years ago did Yahoo messenger stop working? Products must have a code (except for products in which their name already includes the brand name or are easily recognizable, such as when selling a phone / tablet or laptop), without a code it means they don’t have the software. / row management app, which still works like a stone age – remember everything in mind, or because it’s too small. Even how to set the product code will show whether they are professional or not, putting a simple code, having keywords and attaching to the product code will help the audience to remember, instead of long and messy codes.
  • See the fanpage of the shop (if any), find out when to set up, evaluate how to organize, how often they post products, how to like and respond …
  • Find feedback from other users via google. If you’re buying household appliances (but not electronics / technology), look for forums that tend to talk about these things, like some parent / child forums. If buying technology goods, seek feedback from reputable forums about technology (such as tinhte …).Moreover, you can use discount and coupon codes to be discounted for all goods on Big sale hoiliday of the year( Black Friday, Cyber Monday). Additionally, there are currently many coupon sites specializing in providing codes of many online stores. This is very convenient for people who meet problem in finding and using discount codes.
  • See if the shop listing products belong to certain groups (except for large companies that sell a variety of products). For example, there are shops specializing in selling phones, technology accessories … but there are shops that sell everything, from electronics to books, toilet paper, swimwear … miscellaneous all up. Shops selling products that are not very specialized in a certain category, most likely taking the form of doing online rather than having a real-life store and / or nearby they have several familiar stores, they also post products , customers buy it, they run over there and then send it to customers. Although the above model is not bad, but the non-specialized stores, it is very difficult for them to advise / support thoroughly about the product.