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The advantages of taking a CCNA certification



You might have amazing computer skills but people who hire have to make decisions based on limited information in your resume, and as always if they see the official CCNA certification by passing the ITNv7 exam, they can rest assured that you have reached a certain level of competence.

Now, if you’re already employed, you probably want to move to a higher-paying position. It will help as always.

Whether it’s hiring or promotion, the decision is made by human resources. Now, even though they have a background in computer science, they make their decisions in a way that takes into account many different factors, one of them is formal credentials, such as CCNA.

CCNA makes you a strong and complete network engineer. The basic skills tested are:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting

By this certification you can be:

  • Network administrator.
  • Network Engineer.
  • Senior Network Engineer.
  • Software engineer.
  • Technical Support Engineer.
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager.
  • Systems Engineer (Computer Networks / IT)

CCNA certification is one of today’s most recognized and popular IT certifications. The statistics show that one million CCNA certificates have already been awarded since 1998, when it was created. Cisco certifications aren’t just beneficial for staff and IT aspirants; it is also useful for employers. Needless to say, Cisco certification has huge benefits. During the acquisition of this certification, many IT professionals have changed their lives and enjoy real benefits from CCNA certification. There have been cases where IT professionals, even after working for many years, felt the need to obtain CCNA credentials. 

You can use practice test of 200-301 exam to easily get the CCNA certification. These tests are really good at getting the practice of exams. It uses test engine learning to give you an overall score based on your performance so you know for sure when you’re ready to take the real exam and pass the first time. 

CCNA certification is the initial or entry-level certification of Cisco CCIE certification. Pursuing Cisco CCNA certification will help you achieve your career goals and reach great heights. Below are some of the main benefits of taking the CCNA course, take a look –

You can expect an increase in your designation and salary in your current business.

You can easily change jobs by demanding a salary increase.

CCNA is recognized worldwide, so you can easily find a job abroad.

The feeling of self-recognition as a CCIE is the most difficult computer exam.

After completing your CCNA certification, you become eligible for various positions. Below is the list of your expected job profiles, take a look

  • IT Support
  • Network Support
  • Network Engineer Assistant
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator

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You might get a job with a NACC yes, but with the competitive nature of the job market right now, you might struggle. It depends on the position you want, if it’s a simple front-line computer job, you could probably get it, but you’d be struggling to get a network support job, it would require a degree and probably computer experience.