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The Best Forex Mobile Trading Applications



There are millions of people around the world who are making a living with the Forex market. Even so, that does not mean that it is an easy market to master. There are a lot of variables that you should consider when opening a position and regardless of how much you analyze the market, you may be wrong.

Analyzing the market and determining the best points of entry and exit itself is already complex. And you do not need to add other disadvantages to your trading routines, such as lack of mobility or slow execution of orders. Fortunately, in recent years a new trend has appeared that has been of great help to all operators: mobile Forex trading.

With the advent of mobile devices, now you do not have to spend time in front of a computer to run your operations or analyze the market. All you have to do is open an application on your phone or tablet, and enjoy the same number of functions offered by desktop software and trade from your smartphone, for example.

However, with so many options available, you may be wondering: What is the best Forex mobile trading platform? For this reason, we have prepared this article to explore the different options available in the market, and determine which is the best for your case.

As you may know, the best platform will depend on your personal trading goals. What might work for a certain operator is probably not right for you. It is important that you not only read the information we are about to present but that you personally test each software to get an idea of its functions and know the best mobile trading platform.

Forex mobile applications

This is a list of mobile Forex trading apps that are worth knowing. All have advantages and unique features that will enrich your trading and make you a better operator.

Forex Hours

It is true. With mobile trading applications, you can enter the forex market and trade at any time. However, that does not mean that all the hours of the day are equally profitable to operate.

This is where Forex Hours comes in. This mobile Forex app developed by CodingTrader allows you to easily analyze the different trading sessions of the most important exchanges in the world. So you can find the best hours of operation, with the highest volatility and price fluctuations. In addition, Forex Hours is a great help when it comes to Forex trading on mobile devices as it sends alerts on the opening and closing of markets.

Forex Game

This is a curious mobile Forex application that imitates a real trading environment for you to practice and “play” to be an operator Forex Game presents an imitation of a mobile trading platform with many of the functions that you can find in the software So you can play in the Forex market, buy and sell virtual currencies, and have a lot of fun without risking your money.

Among the features of Forex Game are:

A mobile Forex platform based entirely on a fictitious environment.

Immediate access you do not have to create trading accounts.

Quick update the market information is updated every 5 seconds.

Competition. Share your achievements with your friends and discover which is the best operator of all!


The arrival of mobile devices has brought great advantages to Forex operators. Currently, you can simply install an application and enjoy all the necessary functions to trade from anywhere on the planet.

The above applications are invaluable help when it comes to making mobile Forex trading. We recommend that you try them and determine if they fit your strategies and tools.